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  1. Hi everyone I'm Margaret! I'm from the coast of North Carolina in a small town called Whiteville. I'm very new to yoga and need to become more flexible! I've only been watching the videos for a few weeks, but I can already notice a change in my body! I stumbled upon Candace's morning yoga post on Pinterest and I started out waking up earlier every morning to do those wake up yoga routines (this was a big deal because I enjoy sleep very much). I'm super excited to see where I will be in a few months and hope that all this stretching will benefit my upcoming Senior soccer season in high school! My days are so much better with yoga -- I start off alert and awake and at peace! Thanks for making your videos that benefit such a diverse group of yoga-ers!
  2. If any of y'all are like me, having curly hair has been a struggle. I live in a very humid region and always have frizz. It's frustrating to have curly hair sometimes because you don't brush it when it's dry or run fingers through it... you can only pet it. Being a high school girl, I resorted to straightening my hair everyday, which absolutely ruined my hair for a while. After that phase, I tried all kinds of musses and creams and gels and nothing seemed to work. I just wore my hair up every day and felt really insecure because even in a ponytail, sprigs of frizz popped out on the side of my head. It wasn't until I had my hair cut at a professional salon that I heard about DevaCurl. DevaCurl is specifically for curly haired girls and really works. The reason my hair was so frizzy, and the same is true for most curly-q's, is that our hair follicle is easily damaged when using lathering shampoo. DevaCurl is non-lathering and doesn't contain a lot of harmful stuff like sulfates and parabens. At first I didn't like the non-lathering shampoo thing, but once I was used to it I really enjoyed it. DevaCurl smells like eucalyptus and I love it! It uses eucalyptus to moisturize curls, because curls also dry out significantly faster than other hair types. I use both the no-poo and conditioner and have noticed a drastic change in my frizz. My ponytails don't have any sprigs, my curls are moisturized and healthy, making them look so cute! Part of the journey was accepting my curly hair and finally thinking of it as beautiful, but being able to shift my focus away from frizz insecurities helped the process. I would recommend DevaCurl to any curly-haired babe in a heartbeat. It is more expensive than drug store brands, but worth it. From my experience, the AnGel is the best styling gel that DevaCurl has, but I haven't experimented that much. Regardless, my curls are happy and healthy and frizz-free!
  3. I know this is specific, but I would really love a yoga video for soccer. I'm trying to get my whole team to do yoga because it cuts down on injury and it's done wonders for me, and I want it to be really beneficial to our sport. If it has to be for athletes in general, I understand. It is a very specific request but I'm curious if there is such a sequence out there.
  4. I was wondering if there were certain yoga poses that would be beneficial to specific sports? For example, I'm looking for pre-season soccer workouts for my girls team. I know as girls, we are prone to ACL tears and that for soccer players in general, we need leg and core strength. Is there a sequence that would cover all the muscles that are needed to be developed for a soccer team?