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  1. Hi, all! I'm brand new here, and a semi-newbie to yoga--I got into it last year, then kind of left, and just found my way back! I discovered YBC this week and I am so inspired by this community! Anyway. Just over a year ago, I injured my knee in a car accident. (They told me it wasn't cracked at all, but when I still get sharp pains 15 months later I have doubts.) Aside from "doppler knee" (magic joint that can sense the weather changing now) I tend to get pretty significant pain when I put too much pressure on a specific spot on my kneecap. This can lead to sudden pain in the middle of a pose if I shift a little too far to the inside of one knee. My main question is, if I modify a pose quickly to avoid pain, such as shifting my weight, will I risk hurting the rest of my body? ( or will one leg miss out on the benefits of a pose and I'll end up lopsided? )