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  1. A little update: I have bought a pair of birkenstock (the gizeh model) and I don't regret it ! I have worn them during my holidays (to go to the beach, to do groceries, to walk around the city or in the countryside) and they were comfortable. I didn't have any problems with my feet (like tendinitis) even though I didn't wear my orthopedic soles most of the time. I think I'll use them as indoor shoes
  2. Thank you for sharing your experience Hildegard ! I also pay attention to have my knee over my ankle when in warrior and lunge poses, but that's not always easy. Like you said, it's a process I keep practising and hopefully it will get better
  3. yes, that's the same in Belgium: podiatrists don't go to med school. Well, I am supposed to wear my soles all the time^^. But I never respect this rule. I just love walking around barefoot or with my fluffy slippers too much. I was told that birkenstock sandals were quite good for people with flat feet though. I am going to buy a pair of these very soon. I can tell in a few weeks if it's a good buy if you want
  4. Thank you . I have never thought about a lack of flexibility in my calf muscles. I will look for some specific exercises to stretch that area and see how it goes. I don't think it is the problem though because I'm quite flexible in general and I always stretch after my workout. Thank you for the links !! Very interesting and helpful yes, I have been going to a podiatrist (is that a real word? Sorry, I'm not a native speaker^^) for a few years and I wear orthopedic soles. Therefore, walking doesn't really cause me pain (anymore) and I definitively have more balance when wearing shoes with my soles. I have already considered practicing yoga with my shoes on, but I don't really enjoy it. Anyway, I am going to check and try different exercises to see how it goes
  5. Hello everyone I have been doing yoga for a while now and it seems that I can't make any progress with one-legged balance poses (tree pose, half moon pose, warrior III, standing pigeon and so on) and, to a lesser extent, with high lunges. I am pretty sure the problem comes from my flat feet. I can't find ease in these poses and I feel a lot of pressure around the Achille's tendon. Does anyone face the same issues? Do you have any advices to find ease in these poses when having flat feet? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi Candace I've been working on my splits for a while and I would love a 30 min (or longer) sequence preparing to splits and with splits as peak pose. Thank you for sharing your work, experiences and inspirations!