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  1. Thank you. Today was a great rest day. I can't believe we are at day 22 already! (I'm 3 days behind). This challenge has gone by so quickly. I feel so much better than when I started. My friends notice improvement. They're like, that's just from yoga? Pretty much, yeah; Yoga by Candace.
  2. Hi, everyone. I just wanted to thank @YogaByCandace for this awesome challenge. It is my first ever and every part of it has been wonderful. My friends are noticing improvements in my attitude and appearance and I am feeling much more grounded and calm. This challenge has helped me to commit to a schedule and provide structure to my life. All of the suggestions have been so helpful, from the videoing of the practice to the acquiring of a yoga buddy, the journaling and setting a schedule, and even the Instagramming. The meditations, yoga, and workout have been perfect. I am only on day 11 but already my life is changed for the better. Thank you, Candace for all that you do. Thanks @PerlaRM for doing this challenge with me!
  3. Thanks for the app tip! Just downloaded it and set it up for day 4's workout!
  4. Hello, my name is Thomas and I am in Oak Park, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. I have taken a few classes in the past and have done some online classes as well. I was excited to read about the April challenge and am committed to fully immersing myself in it. I am really liking this site, I've been watching the videos for some time now but had not really looked into the blog and forums. Great to see such a diverse group of like minded persons! Namaste
  5. Thanks!
  6. Day 3 with my new accountability buddy and I feel great. The yoga has been challenging and the workouts have been tough. I thought i could do the 1-10-1 pushup party. Ha. 1-5-1 and I was on my knees at the end. The suggestion to video then screengrab was great. Watching the videos I can see that my form is off and know what to change. In triangle headstand I thought my legs were straight up and down, they were not. Today I'm gonna play it smart and do the beginners option of the video!
  7. Thank you!
  8. I think this is a great idea for the reasons you stated, that there are persons from many different places that could introduce us to music we may have never heard of before.
  9. Hi, Candace. Big fan of yours. I'm currently living in Oak Park, just outside of Chicago.
  10. Awesome. I'll do day one again also.
  11. Thanks so much, Kayla! I actually had watched it like two times and thought, "Oh, that looks easy enough." Silly me. Thanks for the support!
  12. Hello everyone. My accountability partner hasn't been online since they joined. I hope all is well with them. In the meantime, does anyone else need an accountability buddy? I'm on day 4 now but I can start over if you want. Thanks!
  13. Wow. I have chosen baby grasshopper as my challenge pose and was unable to even get my lower body off the ground. That's okay, I bet it will feel awesome when I do get it. First day was great!
  14. Let's do it!
  15. Mine too!
  16. Hi. This will be my first 30 day program. Step 3 recommends acquiring an accountability buddy. If anyone cares to be mine, that would be great!