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  1. Hi! I finally decided to join the forum for this challenge - I hope it helps me to practice daily! I wouldn't say no to an accountability buddy, but I'll have to modify the program a bit as far as I'm concerned... I commented on the article, but I think here is a better place to get advice. I play underwater rugby, so I spend 2h in the water on Sundays and Tuesdays, and we have a swimming/diving practice (1h) on Thursdays - each time with an hour-long team workout (mostly core, with stability balls and bodyweight exercises) before. So on those days I can't really add the challenge program, I'm already trying to find a balance and eat enough... What would you recommend (@YogaByCandace or anybody with experience in those challenges), should I skip the challenge on training days (i.e. if I have training on day 3, do days 1, 2, training, 4, 5...) or retake it where I stopped the next day (i.e. do days 1, 2, training, 3, 4, training, 5...) ? I'm afraid to lose motivation if I do the latter, and just stop the challenge altogether... :/ Anyway, I'm starting today, and I hope to tackle crow pose by the end of the month!