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  1. I've been feeling off since January - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I know its getting bad when I start to compulsively pick my nail beds. I've been actively trying to get back to a place of contentment, ease and peace but seem to fail with all of my attempts. I think it is because I haven't been 100% focused on it, and my everyday life takes the front seat while my spirit gets the backseat. I think if I want to get back to that place of serenity I need to immerse myself in it completely so I've formed a detox plan for the next seven days in an attempt to find some clarity. So far this is my plan: Pranayama (usually kapal bahti in the morning, anulom vilom at night), Yoga (30 minutes yin in mornings, 1 hour vinyasa evenings), and guided meditations every morning and evening. Smoothies or soup for all meals No alcohol, smoking, tv, coffee, social media Remember to stay present, mindful, be kind and patient with myself. Hopefully after the seven days I will feel much more relaxed and at peace within myself. Does anyone have anything they think will be helpful to add? Or would anyone like to join me