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  1. Day 7 HIIT work out complete! I made it for the complete 20 mins this time, so that's an improvement from Day 4 already. Also did the cool down yoga video after which was really nice and relaxing. I just downloaded the free Interval Timer App for my phone which is amazing! Makes things so much easier then messing around with your phone every minute or staring at a clock. Highly recommend it! Happy weekend everyone!
  2. During the HIIT work out yesterday, my legs just stopped moving! I was like, "Come on! One more burpee legs!" and they just said, "oh, hell NO!". I thought I really nailed those squats, but today trying to get something out of the bottom of the fridge, I almost got stuck on the floor: too sore to get back up! Today, I am so thankful, is some restorative yoga!
  3. I'm on Day 4 today, and I'm already scared to start! ha! My arms are still so sore (good sore!) from Day 2/3! I've been telling my boyfriend about what I've been doing and I think he thinks it's gonna be easy! ha! little does he know!
  4. Hi All! I've been doing Candace's videos for about a year now (even got my sister and boyfriend hooked as well!) but this is my first challenge. I just finished day 2 and almost DIED! ha! I have never done HIIT workouts before and my arms are still shaking writing this post! I think Push up party is actually the worst party ever! haha! I just wanted to say thanks Candace for being so warm and genuine! I really feel like you are my personal "coach" and appreciate your humility and just openness to all levels, body types. It's nice to follow a real person online for once!