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  1. Thank you! I love my E + R ones, they're my most comfortable, you should check them out
  2. I've only just seen your reply Candace - sorry! i haven't tried Wellicious yet, they do stock their stuff at yogamatters now so I will definitely try it. We have just got a Lululemon in my city now too so things are slowly getting through!! I'm putting a pair of Alo Yoga leggings on my Christmas list, can I ask you ladies about sizes? I'm an XS in Teeki, Sweaty Betty and Dragonfly, and a P in Electric and Rose. Does that equate to an XS in Alo or an XXS?! Thanks!
  3. I've had a very similar experience using some mudras, though rather than electrical for me it's more a surge of energy, the same as after a great asana class. I am fascinated by the spiritual side of yoga - the chakras, mudras, subtle body - but am also a bit cynical about it so I couldn't believe it when my teacher incorporated Prithvi Mudra into the meditation at the start of our Yin class and I noticed I definitely felt more grounded. Then a few weeks later another teacher I go to incorporated Padma Mudra into the class and I felt a really uplifting energy - crazy!! Although my teachers usually start their classes with Jnana Mudra and I have to say, I don't feel any benefit from this one. Whilst I don't know much about mudras, on the basis of my experience so far I definitely want to learn more so I really enjoyed the blog posts Candace - thank you! And I really like your example above, i'll try that. I've found a similar experience with chanting - AUM doesn't really affect me, in fact being tone deaf I feel quite awkward, but on a few occasions in workshops I have chanted the Bija Mantras and much to my surprise, felt really energised and a bit of an internal 'buzz' afterwards. I guess you just have to give these things a go to see if they work for you
  4. I bought some mala beads last summer (mainly because the jade stones were beautiful!) but I haven't really used them for meditation yet so I'll definitely give this a try. Sounds like it will be helpful for me on my 100 day challenge (eek!). How do you use them?! Do you repeat a mantra with each bead? Or just count them?
  5. I just got goose bumps reading your posts. That's so amazing, well done both of you! And well done for listening to your intuition and going out there and finding something that works for you. That must have taken a lot of strength and courage
  6. Hi All Just wondering if anyone has done a 100 Day Meditation Challenge before? I'm starting today - it's a gorgeous sunny day, perfect for a quiet spot in the park on my lunch hour I'm taking some meds at the moment which are making me feel scattered, jittery, anxious and highly strung which is so unlike me it's pretty awful. I heard about these 100 day challenges over the weekend so thought i'd give one a go as i'm sure a daily meditation will help. Any tips? Any nice meditations I should try? Anyone else fancy joining in?! Here are the guidelines from the Wildminds website: The aim is to support people to meditate daily for 100 straight days. There aren’t any “rules” as such, but we suggest that a “sit” should consist of a minimum of five minutes of practice, which could be sitting or walking practice. Ideally, though, you’d do at least 20 minutes of meditation a day. A “day” counts as the period between waking and sleeping, so if you sit after midnight before going to bed late, that still counts.
  7. Inspiring prediciton! I think it's so lovely that you and your son practice together ❤️
  8. Haha, I know exactly what you mean, I find the same in wheel. On Monday I was sure I couldn't possibly be in a more perfect semi-circular shape as my back felt so curved, nope, it was practically flat like a tabletop!
  9. Yay I'm excited to be able to join in this time. I'm very proud that I just managed my first post to Instagram too! My chosen pose is Wheel as I really struggle with it and avoid it where possible. At the moment my pose looks very similar to the 'don't do this' in Candace's common mistakes in wheel pose post!
  10. I can vouch for Pur too. I have their foundation and tinted moisturiser (I swap between the two depending on coverage needed.) I buy it from Marks and Spencer (UK). I'm definitely going to try their mascara as I havent found a more natural one I like yet, thank you Kjerstena! I also use: Becca cream blusher Nars Laguna bronzer Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in blonde (to fill my patchy eyebrows in!) Bobbi Brown cream eye shadows and gel eyeliner for special occasions
  11. This is really helpful Yogagrammy, thanks. I've been eyeing up Fabletics for awhile but had read bad reviews based on the subs, exactly as you say, and this put me off. Plus I thought you had to pay every month regardless. Whilst I love Teeki or Sweaty Betty leggings I'm stuck for tops that fit me (SB seem to be too big or the style unflattering for a very flat chest!) so I wear cheap Primark vests but these ride up exposing my tummy. Good to know F21 tops do the same as I was going to try those next time! I'll give Fabletics a go. I feel we're short on yoga clothing brands in the UK...
  12. I'm a tea obsessive too so it's great to read these posts and find out about other brands I haven't yet explored - thanks guys! I am a loose leaf girl too and my favourites are Earl Grey, Jasmine and the Chai and Green Peppermint teas from a UK based company called Brew Tea. On holiday in Granada recently I discovered an Earl Grey and Lavender by Revolution Tea, sounds odd but I love it! You tea enthusiasts might like this loose leaf tea travel mug, I bought one as an early Christmas pressie to myself and it's fab.
  13. I've just bought myself an early Christmas present which I love - the Libre Tea Glass. Great if you like loose leaf tea or drinking on the move. I use it at work as I have to have a cover/lid over my drink, plus it keeps it warm for hours if i'm too busy to have a slurp! You can also put a teabag in the filter instead of leaves (I mix it up) and you can either steep and remove or steep and leave in - see video link below.
  14. Hi All Just wondering if anyone uses or has used toe separators? Were they useful? I have no specific foot/toe 'issues' but I find it hard to spread my toes in poses, although this is improving with practice. I also had a massage recently and nearly passed out when she worked on my feet so I'm thinking they need some gentle stretching and TLC! The specific brand I was looking at is YogaToes as feedback looks good but I'm open to suggestions! Thanks
  15. My Nutribullet! It's much less bulky than the Vitamix and much cheaper so might be worth you looking at Laura. I haven't tried using a Vitamix myself but comparison videos on YouTube seem to find the results are almost as good.
  16. Thanks both. I'd always thought Toe Sox were just for grip, I hadn't realised they were dual purpose! X
  17. Haha, that's great, we're practically neighbours! Small world :0)
  18. Hi All, my name is Jen and I'm reading this from a little village in the Peak District UK, near to Manchester. Beautiful Autumn leaves and blue skies this morning :0) Xx
  19. Hi MaryKay I found my Pro Lite a bit slippy at first but after a month or so of use this went. I have read that you can scrub it with sea salt to speed up the breaking in process but I was worried about spoiling it!
  20. Hi Christinakc I had the same dilemma this time last year. I was between the Manduka Black Mat Pro - heavier but thicker - or the Pro Lite. I eventually went with the Pro Lite and have been so happy with it, definitely the right choice for me in terms of balance between weight and thickness as I wouldn't want anything heavier when taking it to classes. I also like how durable it is. I got the Eko Super Lite a few months ago to use when I travel and whilst this would personally be too thin for me for everyday practice I find the surface to be much more grippy than the Pro Lite and I believe the surface is the same on the whole Eko range. I don't think the Eko range is as durable though. Hope this helps you in your decision...if you haven't already made it!
  21. Hi Candace I've been practicing yoga for quite a few years but have recently decided to apply for YTT. My course doesn't start until March but in the meantime I'm soaking up as much info as I can in classes and workshops and by reading books, journals, blogs etc. Do you have any tips on how to record the info I pick up? At the moment I have several paper notebooks plus several notes running on my iphone with no structure, it's all jumbled in together! Examples of things I might note are particular sequences I like, explanations of a pose I find useful, or something a teacher says that strikes a chord with me as well as a journal of my own practice. Thanks so much for your help! Xx