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  1. What fun videos this has been creating! Is there any way to slow them down a bit to incorporate the sequence into my own practice?
  2. Tea is seriously the best! My favorite comes from a local tea shop and is called Dallience. It's a black loose leaf tea with chocolate and coconut. They only sell it in the winter, so i have to stock up on enough to last me the whole year!
  3. Any other military spouses here?
  4. I made this etched dish soap bottle that always gets compliments! These ring bowls make great wedding gifts if you stamp the name of the couple into the clay before you bake it. Just make sure you seal the clay so it doesn't get grimy looking. These curtains might be my next project!
  5. I try to alternate running and yoga. My longest run was 5.5 miles, but I'm not very fast yet. Any tips for calf cramps?
  6. Candace, When I attempt locust pose with my hands underneath my body, pinkies touching, I cannot get my legs off the ground at all. And my hips dig into my radius and ulna making it super uncomfortable. Am I maybe setting up incorrectly? Engaging the wrong muscles?
  7. I LOVE the term night walker! I have worked part time 7pm - 12am in an academic library for a while now. I keep my circadian rhythm in check with a light box. I usually spend 30 minutes in front of it eating breakfast right after I wake up. Most of my social life exists on weekends sadly.
  8. MooreJ, c2c stands for corner to corner. Basically, it is any item worked diagonally. This pattern explains it pretty well. As a bonus, c2c projects work up pretty quickly! not lulamae, Granny squares terrify me. Too many ends to weave in!
  9. What is the subtle body?
  10. I'd love to hear more about your HIIT workouts. That's something I've always been curious about.
  11. I love to crochet! I'm hoping to finish up a c2c blanket this evening. I sometimes miss stitches at the end of my rows. Counting helps. I've found that the super fuzzy yarns like Lion Brand Homespun make seeing stitches difficult for me. What are you working on?
  12. I once came across the Facebook post of a yoga instructor which claimed that drinking hot water makes your hair grow faster, eliminates cellulite, etc. When I asked her how that works (genuinely curious. If it's scientifically proven, I'm all for it!), she was unable to give me any answer at all. Replied by asking me how does flipping a switch turn on electricity. While I could have explained the process to her, I didn't want to look like a troll. This person refers to herself as the yoga instructor to the stars and seems to have a decent following. I hate that she abuses it by posting these false quick fixes.
  13. I am deep into The Edge of Eternity, book three in Ken Follett's Century Trilogy. I'm also reading Laura Ingalls Wilder : A Writer's Life for a MOOC I'm participating in.
  14. Hello all! My name is Jessica. I am reading this fresh from my yoga class in Belleville, Illinois.