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    Just beginning...looking for strength...realizing the importance of breath
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    I love big animals...she's gone now, miss her at times, Jett was a a black Great Dane.
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    ...Really exhale!
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    Dead Doctors Don't Lie...because it taught me all I needed to dramatically improve the state of my health.
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    I'm all over the place on this one...oh wait....Get Shorty!
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    Black Sails, Outlander...yes and Game Of Thrones
  1. Hi All! I am reading this from North Beach, Long Beach Island, New Jersey. Candace, Just found you via Pinterest. Looks like you're giving lots of value here on YBC! Presently, I am doing energy work to optimize my well being. I'm just beginning and just now coming to Yoga, it's feels like a natural progression for me. My goal is to work up to being capable to do the 31 Day Strength Project. I am very impressed with the strength I see displayed by Yogis across the internet. I'll begin learning your Morning Yoga Flow tomorrow morning. Cheers! And thanks!