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  1. I recently met a yoga instructor who has her own studio and we ended up talking about insurance because of a horrible accident she recently heard of. So I told her which insurance my business partner and I use for our studio and I pulled up beYogi's website for her and saw that they created a really simple and straightforward guide all about insurance for yoga teachers. I know that I've mentioned beYogi in another post so I figured I'd share the guide here for all the yoga teachers who might visit this forum! Also, I love yoga puns and "save your asana" is quite a funny play on words (Maybe we should have a new thread just for yoga puns/wordplay/jokes!)
  2. This was a really good video, though a bit slow and I got kind of bored (), but the skeletal images were really useful visual aids, I just wish we had seen more of him showing the differences in posture and alignment himself as well.
  3. Speaking of using a journal... I really like guided journals and I think since it's prompting me about what to write I feel more inclined to just go with it instead of staring at a blank page and having to unload all on my own. There are usually pages for this kind of free writing, though it might be more helpful to have the little "assignments" to work with (that isn't a very good word but I don't know what else to call it). The one I have was a gift from my sister and I have no idea where she got it from. I searched on Barnes & Noble and I guess something like this is what I'm talking about, too bad you can't see inside of it:
  4. @sandrayogawpg That's so great!! I don't wish I hadn't asked at all I'm glad to hear of your success and we all need a cathartic post now and then. It seems like you found some confidence and some positive growth. It's always good to learn about other people's journeys! Also, "Your best is enough" is definitely something that everyone needs to hear. You may need to consult a professional for more specific help, but here is my response anyway! Since word of mouth is very important to your business, and because you are teaching at other places, I think keeping your Sandra Dawn website is good for your personal brand-- and having all of your scheduling there is useful. Plus having blog content there is good too. I think you could go both ways here, either making a separate website for your program (more work for you though), but there is definitely a way to have people search your program and end up on your current website. With the search phrase as "your best yoga" it might be a little more difficult, you'd have to have the SEO professionals help you there! Once your program becomes more defined and starts to grow into itself, you might want to do a separate instagram specifically for it, while also keeping a personal one and just mention the other in the bios. Facebook is a good place for your program, since your personal brand (website) can be easily found. And it seems like you have interlinking going on between all of your web and social media presences. On your blog (over on the right hand side) I would make your instagram and Facebook clickable there (since it's only at the very bottom of the page).
  5. Whoever is comfortable doing so should post a picture of them on the 21st doing their favorite pose! Or post their favorite memory of doing yoga, or some other kind of story from their yoga practice! That sounds like such a great idea! What better way to celebrate yoga day than to invite people to give it a try, for free.
  6. I really had no idea how to take proper care of an orchid, I was gifted a little potted orchid and last year after it dropped its blossoms and the stem started drying out and looking quite dead, I cut it off from the very base of the stem (without proper knowledge of where to cut it off) because the leaves were still so alive, green, and beautiful I didn't want to just throw it away. I put it on a shelf in my bathroom (of all places haha) without expecting it to ever be more than just pretty leaves, and some time later I was shocked to see that a new stem was growing and even more shocked when eventually it bloomed again! It was one of the most rewarding things knowing that I didn't just give up on the plant because it lost its flowers (arguably the most desired part of a flowering plant) and it came back to life for me. After those dropped and the stem seemed lost again I cut it and now I'm hoping that maybe it'll happen again. I definitely should re-pot it and do more research about how to take care of it, but I was surprised it liked my bathroom so much! Also, it seems there is some kind of a green root that has grown out of the pot and kind of sticks out from below the leaves. It's still green after being like that for quite some time. I'm not sure what to do about this growth, any ideas? (Especially for when I put it in a different pot, should I cover it with dirt or keep it out?)
  7. I was curious how you're doing a few months later! I'm in the early stages of working with the owner of a pretty new (but seemingly successful so far) yoga studio near me (I practice yoga, but I don't want to be involved in this business as an instructor, my skills are more for the business/marketing side of it). So I searched this forum for yoga business threads and came across this one and saw how positive and helpful it was (so great!). So... how's it going?? The one thing I noticed is some brand inconsistency, your website is SandraDawnYogaWPG, and so is your instagram, but your Facebook is titled after your program, Your Best Yoga, which has a good logo so I'd change your profile image on instagram to match that (maybe even your username?). Unless you'd prefer your brand to be yourself and not the program name. Because searching Your Best Yoga in Google doesn't give your website as a result, but Sandra Dawn yoga does. Just a quick thing I noticed that I figured I'd share. My soon-to-be partner was sharing some of her early startup struggles with me, (maybe I can get her on this forum to share some insight!). But I know that her teaching is insured by beYogi and their website is really geared towards teacher training and the business aspect of teaching yoga so you might find some helpful information there about running a yoga business
  8. I've never been good at being a trailblazer, but you're right, I really should just go for it and see who follows!
  9. "The mind is half the battle." I love that!
  10. My desk in the office is very much out in the open, I'm afraid I'd be too embarrassed to start doing some yoga moves. Anyone else reluctant to try because co-workers might see? (Not that I think they'd judge me, we're all pretty fit and health-conscious around here)
  11. The logic that there is a warm up process "built into" the routine done during a class makes total sense to me; start slow and go from there, warming up as you go. So I am wondering what other kind of warm up exercises/moves could be appropriate complements before starting yoga? Would it just be different stretches? I don't think I'd ever want to go for a run or anything like that before yoga.
  12. I started mental health therapy long before yoga, and for breathing exercises in therapy I always breathed in and out through my nose so that's instinctively how I breathe in yoga. I'm glad I had begun practicing Ujjayi Pranayama before I knew what it was!