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  1. These clothes weren't made for yoga practitioners but for equestrians, but I LOVE Kerrits tights (not the Coolfit! They will cramp your style!) for yoga. They are definitely more expensive (and if you are short and slim, you most definitely will get away with fitting in a kid's XL or even a L like I do) but they stretch very well while staying super opaque. Because I'm an equestrian, I've always loved the suede bits on the inside of my knees for extra comfort. I just mix sports gear now!
  2. I currently have a purple Gaiam one. I do have to say I don't like it when my feet slip in downward dog! That really sucks! I think if I keep up, I'll get an upgrade. Does anyone know of a good non-latex (aka non-natural rubber like the Jade) yoga mat? I'm allergic to natural rubber (aka latex!)
  3. Yea, it used to be a lot worse! I used to be on tippy toes last year; now I'm three or four inches from the ground. I couldn't even touch the ground when I did fold overs last year (I was half past my shin); I can just touch my toes now with my fingertips! It's very slow work. I'm really glad I've been finding nice poses and I haven't been falling over!
  4. I'm Katie and I'm reading from my little townhouse in a suburb outside of Chicago, Illinois.