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  1. What are you doing in terms of recovery? If they are still sore, try contrast baths. Contrast baths are particularly effective for the wrist area as it's a smaller area so you don't need particularly large buckets. I'm not a particular fan of the contrast bath method as I have Lupus and the constant temperature change can bring on a flare. However, ice immersion (aka just the ice bath) or putting your wrists on ice (ice packs) are shown to work more effectively and using perhaps something like a wrap around your wrists for stabilization.

    My wrists bother me a lot - lupus loves to attack my wrists - so here is a list of my very favorite products and methods that are tested to help you feel better:

    1. TigerBalm Ultra Strength. Particularly useful if you typed more than you wanted to. Simply take a small amount and massage really, really well into where you feel pain (I swear by this stuff.)

    2. Ice Horse Ice Packs. Yes, these packs were made for horses and equestrians. They are the best darn ice packs I have ever found. You want an ice pack that will stay cold for three hours and is incredibly malleable? This is your ice pack. Buy two or three or four. (These came with my shoulder wrap. I seriously need ten more. I love them.) Mine are the 6"x10" They are awesome. http://www.icehorse.net/products/ice-horse-replacement-packs

    3. Ace 3" wraps. Good for stability but you don't require a brace/splint. The 3" are longer than the 4". Bonus: if you are really lazy (or opportunistic like I am), they hold your ice packs in place.

    4. Ice Immersion and/or Contrast Immersion Therapy https://runnersconnect.net/running-injury-prevention/contrast-bath-therapy-for-runners/

    5.  Self-massage. Yep, a real massage feels great, but even going out, getting your favorite essential oil (peppermint is mine!) and massaging your own wrists properly will go a long way. Rich Poley on YouTube has a great one! In fact, I just did that one. Ahhh, happy wrists.

  2. This is Zena, my Decker Rat Terrier (also now known as Giant Rat Terriers.) We recently celebrated having brought her home 9 years ago on the 24th of June! It doesn't feel like we've had her that long, to be honest. She came to our home because, well, she was bullying the other dogs at her other home and her owner (whom we still talk to) thought we were perfect.

    She's now 12 and loves to sun, sleep and go on walks. Oh, and eat Greenies. @LarryD517 be warned of the Greenies. They are like doggie crack. If Harvey ever gets one...down the rabbit hole you go. XD 

    Zena head tilt.jpg

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  3. @starslight I think many neurodiverse people get along because we know how each other feels. I don't exactly have severe anxiety, but I know how those with severe anxiety feel because I know all of you have heightened senses too. Maybe not quite as high as mine (and yet I still know other people with senses worse than mine), but you guys have sensitive senses too.

    I went to college for a few years and had to stop. I didn't know at the time I had lupus (I would be diagnosed half a year later) and the stress of so many people with no clear schedule got to me. Plus, I had issues (issues that were against the law) with a teacher and my school wouldn't work with my family. I found that school wasn't going to work.

    Throughout my short 27 years, I've done classes and informal. I've had some big failures (cheer!) and successes (riding! crochet! photography!). You just do you. Forget everyone else. :) You might notice I like solo or very small group things. I'm not a big activity person! If you want to do yoga at home, then I say do it at home. That's where you'll find me (probably laughing at myself when I fall with a new leg move as I'm not very flexible in my legs yet. It's constant laughter.)

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  4. @LarryD517 I have done classes and activities for other things and my mileage varies. I have social anxiety stemming from Autism which is made worse by the hypersensory problems I have (many Autistics have these problems.) Many people enjoy yoga classes, but for many Autistics you first have to deal with the lighting (which could be for one Autistic could be too harsh or another too dim), then there's the sounds (is there music? Is it too loud? Too soft? An instrument that aggravates my ears?), then the surroundings (mirrors provide distracting glare, are the walls pleasing, are there things brushing at me accidentally, etc etc etc), how many people around you and then after all that....you have the instructor. Is he/she wearing colors that don't aggravate your eyes, does he/she have tags sticking out (something that has driven me to meltdowns) and finally....does his/her voice please you (aka does your instructor not have a voice that makes you want to rip out your eardrums? Is it too loud? Sound like sandpaper? Too gravelly?)

    Most people don't have that issue with finding things because they aren't thinking of that. That's basically my life. I'm consistently trying to find peace in a world not made for me. Home is a place where none of that has to be taken into account as I know everything and was tailored to my needs. It may not be the best thing, but it works for me. I was a singer for 20 years (4-24) until a teacher broke my singing spirit (I strictly sing in the car now.) Breathing using my stomach is my life; I just breathe more deeply when I do yoga. I often bring my medium sized mirror off the wall if I'm doing something that focuses on one part of the body to check how things look since I did strict Cecchetti ballet (aka Italian ballet) from the ages of 3 to 9.5 (there was a 3 month break for karate.) I understand that I'm not getting the most proper instruction by watching Candace's tutorials because no one is there to correct me if I do something stupid (all I have is a mirror and the connection to my own body), but I know that's where I feel most safe and not bothered by my issues.

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  5. I will say this, as a girl, I love seeing guys getting into what is considered a "girl's" sport. Traditionally, most of these sports used to be male sports to begin with (ballet and horseback riding, for example, used to be exclusively male sports but are now dominated by women.) Yoga has always been for both sexes which is amazing (few sports can say that.) I love hearing from men that they do yoga and I keep beating up my dad for not doing it as he has arthritis in his back, bad IT bands and bad knees. "Dad, do some yoga, you'll feel better!" Military training says, "Nope, yoga is for girls." I finally got him to do some supine twists today because his back really hurt and he said, "That felt good." HA! I win! Yoga buddies in the making?

    @starslight Like you, I have horrible anxiety. I've gotten hives thinking about attending a class. "Class? Class? Attend a class? That place where I'll probably have no more than three inches of personal space, there will be mirrors and, and, and....." *cue twitchy bug eyes, hyperventilation, hives* Just typing that made me anxious. No no, the only classes you see me take are my horse lessons and there I have one horse, my coach and an entire arena to myself.

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  6. HA HA HA @yogafire. It's funny you bring up flies during yoga. I was in downward facing dog the other day and this giant fly was buzzing around my head and I just couldn't take it. My "zen" was broken. I stopped doing yoga and killed that fly - laughing like a maniac when I was successful - before returning to my yoga calm as ever. :) I hate flies! They are not yoga friendly!

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  7. @yogafire at Target, they have these great Champion exercise pants that I just bought (ON CLEARANCE) that hide panty lines super well. They are blue galaxy looking pants and I don't know if it's just the pattern or the extra layer, but I get a tiny bit of VPL on the sides (which I really don't care about honestly) and zero on my behind! Maybe it's the pattern that helps?

    They're on clearance (and this is the only picture I can find of them online) for like $20:


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  8. 14 hours ago, LarryD517 said:

    Being a father that used to yell at his daughters for taking long showers, this ruffles my feathers... :)


    You know, when my family used to be active military, we used to take super short showers (as in 5 minute showers.) You would have thought, "Hey, we don't have to pay for water, let's take long showers!" Uh, no. Hot water supply on base housing is nil. It's when we became civilians and realized we could take 10, 20 minute showers and not run out of hot water (if two of us did morning and 2 of us did showers at night) that we took longer showers. Because I have lupus, if I have a really bad muscle day, I declare, "I'm taking a long shower" and they know all of the hot water (or close to it) is being used just to try to calm my inflammation as I have huge anxiety with baths. We don't take showers for granted!

    5 hours ago, yogafire said:

    I can understand the shower - there's white noise from the water and the warm water relaxes your muscles!  Would sitting by a fountain might give you similar white noise? 

    If you didn't want to waste water, you could meditate while sitting on the floor while filling up the bathtub, and when the bathtub is done filling, you're done meditating and then have a bath instead of a shower.  The gallon usage between a bath and a 10 min shower seem to be comparable (of course dependent on tub size and flow rate of the shower head). 

    I haven't found a fav spot yet, but, I have found meditating while sitting cross legged on my bed or couch is more relaxing to me than sitting on the my mat on the floor.

    You know, I have tried fountains and it doesn't work! I actually find I don't take as long of a shower if I meditate (kind of odd actually.) We all take long showers here because we all have joint issues (mom and dad have arthritis, I have lupus with Reynaud's.) I take the longest showers just because I need the extra few minutes to warm up as I'm always cold since my parents make my house an ice box (most people find my house hot. I find it cold. It's set at 74.) I meditate while warming up so I don't waste water that way. Then it's wash hair, condition hair, wash face, wash body (rinse conditioner out at same time) and I'm done. It's like 20 minutes if I don't have a migraine. I take an extra 5 (hard to gauge time when you're in there) or so to try to work my migraine out if I have one.

    Oh, have you tried a plush rocking chair? I have these old rocking chairs I inherited from my grams and gramps from the 1970s and I can almost get there. I've always liked to rock so rocking chairs really help, especially my grams' blue corduroy one. The plain wood one I have in my living room makes me crabby, but the fabric ones make this sound that's relaxing for some bizarre reason.

  9. Here's a weird one: where's your favorite place to meditate? Or, is there only one particular place you can meditate?

    So far, I've only found I can meditate in the shower. I've yet to figure out why the shower. I will sit on the floor and just meditate for a good five or ten minutes.

    How about you? Any favorite place?

  10. It's funny that you mention one of those @MaddieTwo. I had gotten one kind of like that (only it's more a slam type one and was for 5 years) and I got SO much anxiety from it because it felt like schoolwork to me. It's interesting how everyone uses a journal. Some people need prompts. Some people don't. Some people will only write in a journal. Some turn theirs into a kind of scrapbook.

    My journals definitely resemble scrapbooks in that I have theatre stubs of movies I've seen that day (or month, I try to stick it in there as quickly as I can), weird tidbits I find and paste in there, the inevitable ER band or two (always bulks up my journal a bit), flowers I find that are beautiful that I dried, magazine bits, colorful art pages, sketch pages, collages....I just stick everything in there. It wasn't that hard to put in my calendar and "to-do" lists (aka create a true "bullet journal"); I basically do it all ready. That's my brain for you! Very visual, but orderly.


  11. How about a full body post-work out video? I'm a horseback rider and while I use my legs a lot (especially my quads, oh my poor tight quads!), my entire body is used to stay on a horse. I've yet to find something that really cools down and stretches out everything from my head (I tend to clench my jaw when learning something new) down to my aching feet. 

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  12. @yogafire I don't do yoga classes, but I wear long sort of tight shirts (most people might qualify them as minidresses) over pants. Skirts wouldn't be so bad for existing pairs.

    You may want to look into full seat equestrian tights from a brand like Kerrits. Their breeches and equestrian tights are some of my favorite and, yes, I use them for yoga. A full-seat breech might help you with if you find the VPL more in your back seat. A full-seat, unlike the kind I use (knee grips), has either a suede or just extra fabric around the seat down to the knees to help riders sit really deep into the saddles (and I should probably invest in a pair as I'm cantering.) This one is just extra fabric and probably a good fit for yoga. I wouldn't suggest the IceFil as they have little grips down the legs and back so keep us riders in the saddle! Sales are seriously my friend for breeches. :) SO EXPENSIVE. If you live near a Dover...definitely try before you buy. 


  13. I've learned that living with regrets or punishing myself about food is counterproductive. My favorite cheat food is Ode to the Classic Potato Chip from Trader Joes. I have no idea why these chips are so much better than Lay's Potato Chips, but they are so good! (Why are they so good? Is it because it's only three ingredients?) Cheez-its are kind of the ultimate junk food of all. I love salty over sweet!

  14. @yogafire It was something I identified when I looked at my other journals and then the one I was using. Most of mine are plain (or maybe have a dog on the front) with plain pages on the inside. No closure. The one I was using had this weird magnetic closure, super beautiful cover and the pages were dyed and beautiful. I really only wrote maybe a 1/4 of the way through. I would go to write in and then all the words would disappear. I find one that is plain with plain pages that I can MAKE pretty by drawing all over myself is so much easier!

  15. As someone who had a very unhealthy relationship with food (disordered eating), a part of what I learned in therapy is that often part of our unhealthy relationship with food stems from an unhealthy relationship in life. We overeat (or undereat) because we're stressed from a relationship whether it's with our mom, dad, friend, coworker, etc. When you start to evaluate why you have this unhealthy relationship and you work on it, this is when you can work on your relationship with food.

    Every person is different in how they will be able to "fix" an unhealthy relationship with food. For me, it came from working on finding the root on why I made food an enemy, why I started putting food into "good" and "bad" groups, why I skipped whole days without eating. What was I trying to gain? What was the root problem? What was going on in my mind that I wasn't thinking about?

    I'm not the healthiest eater, I admit it. I don't eat a lot of fruits or vegetables because being Autistic presents special challenges. Since I've recovered and stayed in recovery from my disordered eating, I've been back into trying to try new fruits, veggies, and dishes. I eat very organic and simple ingredient foods because of my Lupus. Trader Joes is a lifeline for me for meat, bread and things are simple. But I also allow myself "cheat foods" because I wouldn't be happy without cookies, crackers, cupcakes and my daily Dr. Pepper (or two or three. I'm a caffeine addict.) I drink lots of water and milk to even out my soda. 

    Enjoy every bite you eat. If you don't, then there's a tangle in your web somewhere. You need to comb it out.


  16. Yes, please do your research! What works for one person will not work for another with migraines.

    For instance, my mom and I were both good candidates for Botox for migraines so my neurologist tried Botox on each of us. My mom gets Botox every 3 months on the dot as it has done wonders for her migraines. I did two rounds before my neurologist stopped as my migraines got worse. My tinnitus (something I only got when my allergies were bad) became a constant thing I had to battle. My migraines are now controlled by a strict regimen of daily medication (with take as needed meds) plus a once weekly massage with chiropractic adjustment. Since yoga calms my mind and reduce my stress, it does in turn reduce my migraines, but only my stress migraines. It can't reduce weather migraines or lack-of-sleep migraines or such.

    For migraines, you need to see someone who specializes in the brain. You need to see a neurologist, not a general practitioner. 

  17. This is a problem with equestrian riding too. Panty lines when you switch over to tights in the summer. I detest thongs and you do NOT want to go commando when you ride a horse (no, just no.) If you want to sport the VPL look without the VPL look, look for yoga pants/exercise pants or even go to an equestrian store and buy tights that have a seam running right where your panties would be (especially if you wear hiphuggers like I do!) If, uh, hides VPL rather cleverly. You will have to pay more because of the fancy seams, but you've got no panty lines!

    These Champion capris are a good match for hiding VPL.


  18. @Hildegard Find a journal that speaks to you, but isn't so pretty that you won't write in it. I had that problem with my last journal. It was so pretty (and the way it closed was rather clumsy) that I just NEVER wrote in it. The one I've have for a couple of days is a turquoise leather one from Barnes & Noble. It really spoke to me. Etsy has some beautiful journals. The pages aren't lined or anything but it's something that's very calming. Buzzfeed has a very good summary of what "bullet journaling" is if you're interested (but you can just write your worries in bullet point style if that's way too crazy for you!)

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  19. Racing thoughts like in every day life or during yoga? I have both.

    What helps me in everyday life is taking out a piece of paper and literally writing every single thing that my mind is thinking about. I'm usually anxious when my mind is racing and just writing all the thoughts out helps me. I keep a bullet journal (Filofax/unjournaling/whatever you call it) with me so I have paper and pen accessible at all times.

    For yoga (and ironically helps in everyday life), I build a picture in my mind - in vivid detail - of something that makes me utterly happy (or calming) which is normally my dog, Zena. I "paint" a picture of her in my mind. I find it's the only way I don't "sleep" during that "meditation" bit at the end of Candace's videos. 5 minutes of imagining Zena or Scooby (the horse I ride) or something like that.

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  20. It's very fun and relaxing (go to me for getting my years off though.) I'm learning to canter now (which normally takes years for people; I've been riding a year); when I come home, I do some yoga to release the muscles I still hold really, really tight because I haven't learned to relax fully into something so fast.

  21. I have one piercing in each ear. I used to have two but I had them closed up (they kept getting infected!)

    I have, currently, three tattoos. They represent the three big traumas I've gone through these past two years. When I was in therapy, I would realize I would get to a point and I would stagnate and I felt like I couldn't push through and so the tattoos became symbolic of turning something I pushed so hard to work through and turning something so ugly into something beautiful. They also have other meanings, but I'm usually only comfortable sharing that side.

    In the order I got them:

    1. The word "Strength," behind my right ear. It's a dedication to my grandma, who passed away on June 5, 2014 after struggling to live for six months from a brain stem stroke, the worst kind of stroke you can have. She had hearing aids at the end of her life and we joked she had them from listening to our stories so much. I chose the word "strength" because it's a personal mantra of mine, I was just starting to recover from my disordered eating and both my grams and I have lupus. She was also a breast cancer survivor.

    2. 4 horse shoes on my inner left forearm, from my wrist to half my arm it goes black, black, purple, black. It's symbolic of the walk of life, that we all stumble over problems but we get up. When I was 24, almost 25, I was diagnosed with lupus and it threw me for a tailspin. I had grown up being autistic, having epilepsy and asthma and suffering from migraines, but being diagnosed with lupus was both a relief...and something that threw me for a loop. It took me a while to accept it, and going into equine therapy (hence the horse shoes) helped me. Also, I just love horses.

    3. I have a custom-made tattoo of my dog, Zena, wearing a sort of throw-back to the 60s Batgirl-esque cape and bandanna on the inside forearm of my right arm. Zena was diagnosed with sarcoma in September. We were able to get it out, but it really changed me. I've always loved dogs in that they reduced my anxiety around people. People are very scary to me. They are, in essence, "Batdog" to me. I had a greyhound when I little who used to literally save my life as she could detect my seizures and I never properly mourned her death, so this was also a dedication to her, so this tattoo was more a mix of Zena AND Porsche with the placement of the spots. It's also clearly a dedication to the Batverse, my favorite comic universe EVER. This was my birthday present to myself.




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  22. I don't think yoga solves ED, but it can be used as a tool to help learn to cope with some of the problems that come with having problem with eating issues, not just ED. This is a bit personal, but I think it will help you understand by what I mean by that.

    Two years ago, on June 5, 2014, I lost my grams to a stroke. It took her six months to succumb to that stroke and it was very painful to watch her die. Two months later, my great-aunt, one of her only surviving sisters (and undoubtedly my favorite) passed from cancer and then about a month later, my brother basically said at midnight (of course), "Hey, guess what! You're all becoming grandparents and an aunt!" and his girlfriend was 20 weeks pregnant. Having autism, that was just what broke everything. My eating patterns, which had been out of whack since December 2013 - when my grams had her stroke - really careened out of control. I lost something like 15 pounds and for someone who was 95 pounds, that was weight I couldn't lose and my behavior really got out of whack.

    I started equine therapy February 2015 and regular therapy May 2015 to help with my eating and was diagnosed with disordered eating. I started doing yoga at home to help me learn calmness because I could not handle being around my nephew as he was just too loud. The crazy loudness can trigger me to not eat. The bonus is it helps stretch out my muscles for equine therapy. I've learned when I'm feeling stressed, I have to go do some yoga to recenter. Just folding myself over helps switch my attention from, "It's getting too crazy, let's not eat anything to try and get some attention," to, "Okay, let's focus on myself and my breathing. Feel how my hair swishes and plays on the floor." It's silly but it works.

    I'm about 3 or 4 pounds shy of where I need to be now, but it's okay. I'm not going to get it all in 15 months, but I'm not skeletal anymore. I have the word "strength" tattooed behind my right ear to help remind me of my grandma (there's a few stories behind that!) and to listen to myself.

    Was that really long? I hope that wasn't long and emotional. I sometimes feel I get really long.

  23. These clothes weren't made for yoga practitioners but for equestrians, but I LOVE Kerrits tights (not the Coolfit! They will cramp your style!) for yoga. They are definitely more expensive (and if you are short and slim, you most definitely will get away with fitting in a kid's XL or even a L like I do) but they stretch very well while staying super opaque. Because I'm an equestrian, I've always loved the suede bits on the inside of my knees for extra comfort. I just mix sports gear now!

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