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  1. I currently have a purple Gaiam one. I do have to say I don't like it when my feet slip in downward dog! That really sucks! I think if I keep up, I'll get an upgrade.

    Does anyone know of a good non-latex (aka non-natural rubber like the Jade) yoga mat? I'm allergic to natural rubber (aka latex!)

  2. Hey! I've been looking for some help. I have tight leg muscles from Autism that are slowly loosening and stretching thanks to horseback riding and daily yoga, but one problem I have is when I go into something like a downward dog pose, I can't get my heels to touch the floor. They just hang in the air because my muscles are too tight still. How do I get them to hit the floor?

    Also, does anyone know any poses that are great for equestrians aside from Downward Dog, Pigeon (I do a basic pigeon), Plank and Cobra? I get bored so easily!