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  1. The strap is a great idea, thanks. I do have one but not thought about using it in that pose. Thanks for the insight. I am really enjoying chatting to people about yoga on this forum, I live in a remote ish place in Scotland and I am new to it all so its good to have people to chat to about it. I have been doing a lot of reading about yoga and it agrees with what you say. I am not really pushing to be picture perfect but at the moment not being able to bend enough is stopping me from doing poses i would love to be able to practice. I also think that the tension has to be removed as it cant be any good for my body. When it comes to personal practice - does there need to be certain flows of poses or can i simple take a bunch of poses like these and work through them each day? I have been using an app called yoga glo, so i can get structure to what i do and some guidance. It has been great. But keen to start taking control of what i am doing if possible.
  2. Thanks Anahata - I can get a straight back upright with legs flat on the floor. But cant bend forwards much at all. (I work at a desk through the day and have for years, i guess this has a lot to do with the tension.) I just need to work out a personal practice to do each day to work on this, which is great. I understand this is a personal thing but from other peoples experience how long does it take to get from upright like myself to folded with chest against the legs (paschimottana)?
  3. Thanks LarryD517 - I didn't realise it was my hamstring but it makes perfect sense! Perfect, okay so I will work on practises around those until I work out the tension. That article was really helpful. Thank you very much, that is really helpful. Excited to crack on now i know what to work on to remove the tension.
  4. Hi, I am new to the forum and yoga. I have been doing yoga at home for about a month and started a local weekly class last week. I manage about 4 practices a week but aim for daily. the biggist hurdle at the moment is understanding how to increase flexibility. In particular when bending. I am trying to understand where the issue is and what poses and stretches to do to work on it. if I sit on the floor, legs out straight, I cant bend over very much at all. I see others folded in half and I struggle to be further forward than having my back upright! This impacts lots of poses. if I bend my legs to the side I can fold forward so am I correct in thinking I need to work on my legs? And if so how do I best do that? any help and guidance would be great.