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  1. Hello, my name is Giovanni, im from Mexico, Im 25 years old and i love dogs, (the one training to become a professional surfer is Sam) , I love fitness, i love nutrition and exercise, living an healthy lifestyle, have a general health. I always train for symmetry in you body, power, strength, speed, but i was feeling slow recovery and i never stretched for more that 5 minutes before working out, until i decide that it was time for a change, i was reading the whole benefits of yoga, its just amazing how every aspect of you health is related with mental peace, breathing and focus on feeling how every breath run through you body, im a complete beginner in this world, it´s just my first week sometimes my poses are alike the ¨common mistakes in this pose¨ hahaha, but im looking forward to increase my flexibility and become an advanced member of this forum, the feeling after practice just for 20 min its just amazing, im strongest and my sleep its better, l stay focus on my work and school a lot more, im faster and i really need flexibility for surfing, i love surfing waves, and yoga give a lot more core stabilization and mind control, my flexibility its just poor and i need to work much more on that, im feeling muscles that i didn´t knew that i had hahaha........... im up for a 39 day flexibility challenge, thanks Candace, ¨just like always honor your body¨