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  1. Hi Candace, I would love to get some inspiration fior yoga playlists. I am at the beginning of my teaching and always looking for cool surprising music, away from the traditional indian yoga songs...thank you!!! I´ve seen in instagram that you are/ have been in Germany recently. Any plans on doing workshops? Where? Would love to join one of your classes! Thanks
  2. I am so in! Great challenge! I am not a instagram fan, so will not share my pics there, but still will be in. My poses are forward fold and down dog- i can go in wheel an pigeon easily, but bring my heels to the mat in down dog? No way...funny, no? Its all about the hamstrings i guess!
  3. At the moment i read "fierce medicine" by Ana Forrest, the founder of Forrest Yoga. It's about the healing aspect of yoga, the transformative power that lies within mind and body and the absolute amazing story of Ana's life from being a shy and aggressive drug addict to a healthy and balanced yoga hero. Very inspiring!!!
  4. Hi, i love your blog and your youtube channel. I just finished my yoga teacher training and start giving classes, so I hope to share and get a lot of inspiration from the community. I am from Heidelberg, Germany.Love, Angie