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  1. Great Yoga workout after I woke up today for about 40 minutes. Dripping sweat . But that was not what I wanted to say. What can one do during idle time when not on the mat? Well yesterday while brushing my teeth, standing around. I decided to do something Yoga related while do that boring task. I chose to do a balancing posture, "Warrior III", holding for about 15 seconds each side. See, it can be done, anytime, anyplace. No I do not have time excuses hehe.
  2. Woohoo! Sitting here in a chair at work on break cross legged working on keeping tilted forward and back straight. Always time to do something
  3. Will this one be done again? It looked like it could be fun.
  4. At present I am not using any music as I am just learning what I can from the many videos by Candace. However, traditionally I have often worked out to mainly Metal. Something about the power and energy in Metal that just drives me harder. Will love to apply it to Yoga once I have developed by own sequences :-)
  5. Just have to say I love your site and the videos you produce. Easy to follow and really relaxing. You have gotten me going and I thank you.
  6. I am looking at a local studio here in town, Sherwood Oregon, called Escape to Yoga. 15% of their clients are men and that lines up with what the national average is. 15% is higher than I thought it was. That is actually great news.
  7. Awesome.
  8. @Todd. Do you go to classes?
  9. Reading some of the above posts about husbands doing Yoga in secret begs some questions. Why do we as men feel we have to do Yoga in secret? I do it at home, yet do not allow anyone to see me doing it. The whole family knows I do it, I even talk about it and promote it...but behind closed doors I go. Does it seem that we are somehow less of a man or something? or being perceived less manly? Why do we fear going to a class? I know I do, but cannot put a finger on as to why. I never feared going to Aerobic classes filled with mostly women in the past. So why...shrug.
  10. Yesterday I went I did one of Candace's before bed routines and went right to sleep. I sleep days so night's and mornings are reversed. When I woke up I did one of her morning videos before getting something to eat. Later I went through Sun Salutations A and B then worked on some hip openers I found on Candace's Blog. While I am work I work on forward folds through out the night. When I am on lunch break like right now, I sit in that cross legged pose(name escapes me) switching which leg is on top, I can keep my pelvis tilted forward so I do not slump by pushing my lower back further into the chair. I wish I had the flexibility I had when I was a kid when I could put my foot behind my head hehe, no place even close to that.
  11. I have yet to stay focused for more than a couple minutes as my mind drifts off to other things I need to do. Outside noises are really a distraction also. Nothing like the sound of a leaf blower to break ones focus. It it is a good thing that it is fall and going to winter as I'll not hear that for a few months hehe.
  12. All I wear is just regular old gym shorts and a t-shirt. Although the shirt is quite an issue falling in my face in down dog. Options are very slim for us that is for sure.
  13. A lot of professional football players do Yoga now. Also, our High School Football teams do Yoga as well and is promoted in Youth football. We as men have to get over this fear of being in the "so-called" woman's workouts like Yoga being that it was invented by men in the first place. Now I have my own fears about going to class, but I do it at home as a beginner. At some point I need to face my fears as I know I'll need some form of instruction to help me get better.
  14. Hi Candace, What Yoga related books would you recommend for a beginner middle aged male Yogi? Thanks, Scott
  15. I'll do some sort of cardio to get warmed up. I generally do my workouts and beginning Yoga practice in my garage. Here in Oregon it can get fairly cold in there in the mornings. Once I get warmed and break a sweat, then I am set. Before I do any bendy stretchy things I have to be warm. :