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  1. The best advise i got was in terms of simple meditation.....which very often revolves around self imagery to focus the mind. We all have thoughts racing all the time, and the illusion is that we can consciously control them......we can't. However we can influence them indirectly. Positive thinking carried out consciously can have mixed results, and can simply be self deception. Personally the method i prefer it to try and remove all thought and reduce the mind to its empty state as much as possible, remove stresses and strains, and worries. then see what is left..... to achieve that i imagine my core mind as a dark shape, with all worries as strings attached......then i imagine cutting all the string till they float away. Allowing myself to concentrate only on what is left, and enter the dark space to experience what remains, and what runs through my mind.......
  2. Thats so cool, very often the most valuable gift you can give is appreciation, and people are often reluctant to express it. Well done you a card sounds great, and with be great for the teacher to keep them motivated and know they are doing good. Without feedback it can be difficult for a teacher to know if they are achieving what they are trying to do......and people can be shy about simply saying thanks, and good job!!! Hope it went well
  3. thanks guys
  4. I work for deceptio solutions, and want you all to check it out of course (yes I'm in marketing, can you tell?) (
  5. Hi in rebecca, I work in the tech sector in a startup. I love yoga and hillwalking and coffee :). Meditation and relaxing Hope to learn a lot from this forum, and meet some cool people