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  1. My doctor has cleared me medically. I am asking about the benefits of the pose, and whether my version is an appropriate adaptation, or if there is an alternative adapted pose that will achieve similar benefits.
  2. Hello! Newbie here. I have been doing yoga at home for about 6 weeks, building up from 15 minutes 3 times a week, to now 30 minutes every day. I really feel I have found *my* exercise, and loving it. As my post title suggests, in December 2014 I had a neck injury (Stupidly attempting to do a headstand which collapsed whilst playing with children doing gymnastics) - I sustained compression fractures to my neck (c3,c4,c5) and fractured my sternum. Turns out I have osteoporosis which obviously contributed to this catastrophe. I am fully recovered apart from some neck/shoulder numbness and tingling, but am very aware that I clearly have a weakness in this area. So, the only pose I am really struggling with so far is shoulder stand. I am really too scared & actually too weak to get my bottom half up. My compromise pose is to place my hands under my lower spine, and push up from there, bringing my legs as far over as I dare. My question is; should I persevere. Every routine I have on DVD and downloaded seem to include this pose, and I feel I am missing something by being unable to proceed. I wonder if there is something else I can try to get the benefit of this pose. I don't ever feel I should progress to headstand under any circumstances. Many thanks for any help. Tracey