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  1. Never checked back in on these replies. Thanks ladies! I did end up nabbing one! But I am finding the intent (as you mentioned, Candace) is not completely there. So I'm going to chat with her about that. I'm particularly looking to learn how to grow as a teacher in spirit and in leadership as well as physically, of course. Lol I ended up asking her after class, cleaning up the studio. Felt like the right time! But we haven't kept into doing much since then. This was several months ago, and I just realized that's been missing.
  2. Hey afriske! As a recent college grad, props to you for sticking to your yoga practice! Tiny dorms are a betch. I started yoga in my last two years of undergrad and faced the same circumstances: constant moving from home to dorm, switching dorms. Also, not having a solemn home environment provided an extra challenge. To answer your post: your environment is what you make it. I've moved into an apartment, and only have my mat and accessories in one corner of the room. Nothing fancy whatsoever--it's my tried and true method. But I still look at it as my oasis. Which I've had to do for the past 2.5 years. When at home, silence didn't exist for 97% of the day, nor did I have a defined space to practice (other than the middle of a terribly cramped room). Yet, for some reason, I've had some of my most profound yoga/meditation/spiritual experiences there. My environment pushed me into a different state of mind. In short: The space you create should be in your mind, if it can't/is tough to make it literally be there. However, I have these awesome Chinese therapy balls that have a mechanism on the inside that makes them chime every time they're spun in your hand. This, too, creates a meditative space for me. Lavender satchels have a beautiful aroma, and candles are always a delicious way to get your nose involved with the entire experience. Hope this helps. Yay, college!!! :-)
  3. Hey Candace!! Simple question for ya with a bit of backstory. I have two yoga blocks that I've been sitting on for weeks now. They're firm Manduka blocks. I sit on them to use my computer, while doing my hair on the floor, and of course for meditation. I've noticed my hips have opened up more (!!!) and it's totally helping my digestion (!!!). But I'd noticed for a few days about two weeks ago that my sits bones felt a bit bruised, likely from the daily sitting. I've taken a break from it, hah! And I don't do it on weekends (not at my apartment). My question for you is -- does yoga block-booty exist?! :-* xx Latiana
  4. I LOVE to discuss this topic. I did some research about a related topic for a media and gender studies course last fall. Somehow, I've never heard of the phrase "yoga porn," hah! But I thoroughly enjoy it! I do believe the selfie culture has a conflicted place in the yoga community. It's created this competition for likes and has instilled some onlookers with feelings of "wanting to be like that flexible girl/guy on Instagram." BUT it has also converted millions of new yogis who were at once just enthralled by poses! Electronic media is evil and amazing and it's up to the discretion of each user. Some may say there are too many yogis who sexualize the practice in one way or another, but that there is a different discussion about feminism and sexism.
  5. Hey forum peoples!! Lately I've been feeling the urge to soak in more yoga info. (Books are great and I am really super open to suggestions there. The Eastern Religion section of Barnes & Noble has piqued my interest!) But I think it'd be awesome to have a teacher to learn from on a personal level. What's the best way to connect with a teacher you really like and want to learn from? Sometimes, teachers honestly give off the busy vibe and like they aren't so interested in knowing their students deeply. Which is understandable to the extent of not wanting to be too involved in your students personal lives... Do any of you have yoga teachers that have taken you under their wing? How'd it happen/what'd you do? Have a great day!! [Or night depending on where you live hehe] xx Latiana
  6. Oops. took so long to reply. Hi, yogafire! You're right about that. It can get discouraging and frustrating those days where your self doesn't work with you as easily LOL. Comfort levels are important in meditation, for sure. Some people want to head straight forward into these peculiar experiences- that's really where the discovery happens! Once you start channeling fear into meditating, you might as well end it. You can't fear what you don't yet know, and this applies to meditation, too. Nothing will harm you unless you're in an odd case of barking up the wrong trees if ya feel what I'm saying. Since this post, I've been working on building back my clarity and inner focus. My mind is becoming MUSH these days, which seems to happen when you let it sit by its lonesome for a while ;-) Bleh... Mixing fear with questioning if it's my intuition talking. Thanks ladies for your input! So fun to see replies and interest on a topic!! xx Latiana
  7. Exactly why I need to get back into it! Ugh I miss the clarity. I really don't have a good excuse other than I fear sometimes where meditation will take my subconsciousness.
  8. I started practicing yoga because of my desire to become Ms. Flexible! I'd always wanted to be a ballerina, so I started off doing various ballet stretches and exercises. It progressed into finding similarities between ballet stretches and yoga, and spirituality has always been an interesting realm for me. I found myself practicing yoga on a fleece blanket before I'd purchased a $7 yoga mat. I still have that mat from two+ years ago (woo, Gaiam!). I can't see myself ever getting rid of it. Honestly my yoga mat is like what a dog would be for a family- as if it somehow listens to me without saying anything, and in just being present, it helps me understand what I already know. I've bawled on my mat, been scared and angry on my mat, and I've been inherently peaceful on my mat. I've gone through these last 2 pivotal years of my life with this mat, and I couldn't imagine not having it, and not having gotten onto it to kick start my daily practice. Yoga has made me physically mentally and spiritually strong. Thinking about where I was and who I was before yoga...it's unfathomable. I hardly relate to that person, really... Yoga has made me more in tune with how I affect others and has changed the way I carry myself. It inspires me to be more than what I think I'm limited to. Yoga has taught me to explore myself and life with vigor, no matter how intrinsic or difficult (or sweaty!) things may get. I could go on forever... Great forum post. Simple yet thought provoking questions!
  9. Thank you for replying! Yes, energy gravitates toward ya the more you open up to it. It's awesome. @angieeatspeace
  10. Hey everyone! I used to be soso good about meditating every day. But after I had to stop yoga teacher training, my meditation and yoga practice came to a halt for a month (July to late August 2014). It doesn't seem like much, but practicing both of those daily to cold turkey stopping was rough on my spirit and my body. About two months ago, I regained an eagerness to start meditating daily, though as of right now I only meditate 2x per week. In my 2-year journey with yoga and meditation, I've had some incredible experiences that come to me easily due to a sensitivity to spiritual things... But today, I experienced this intense orange energy and walking, unthreatening shadows appearing while my eyes were closed. I wasn't scared or anything at all. Just a neutral observer of something really cool. Is anyone on the forum an experienced meditator? I would love to hear your thoughts on these things. I did feel open and ready and interested in coming closer to what was happening. It felt as though I could dive into it! Spirit guides, perhaps? xo
  11. OOoh it's awesome that you respond to posts! Thank you- that really clears things up. Yoga sequencing is moving into a contemporary flow (flowing with music & flowing with the body rather than doing what tradition would say to). It's only a bad thing when when instructors make music more important. Loud music is distracting and shouldn't be so important to a yoga class. Unless the flow is right and the song isn't there just to be 'there' YES I want to participate!! Will follow you on Instagram today: @tawlglass Also, if interested, I started a yoga hashtag and would love if other people participated (lol) in #SillyYogaSaturday- all you must do is any yoga pose with a silly face or silly anything. The goal is to lighten up a practice that's evolving into an audience-based competition due to platforms like Instagram... So far, so good! Currently I post one every other Sat.
  12. Hey Candace! Thank you Yes, reading and playing around with the body is another way to come up with some random goods! The workshop idea is great- there are so many going on at a bunch of studios. Do you think it's necessary to incorporate sun salutations? It's such an vital part of yoga and moves the body in practically all of its rotations, etc. But is it not "ok" to not include it in a sequence if it seems out of place to do so? I don't always pay attention to how teachers sequence/notice if they specifically incorporate a full sun sal. Thanks for replying! :-*
  13. Hello all :-) 100% new to this forum, but I've been checking out Candace's blog since the summer. Love that there's a space for practitioners to talk outside the studio/wherever else we gather :-p I am almost certified to teach yoga (a minor injury prevented me from finishing this summer, but I'll be done by early next yr). For the last few weeks, I've been having this itch to start writing sequences, and I find inspiration in all sorts of ways. For example, recently, I was listening to a slow jams/lovin' type of playlist, and in all the songs about how to love someone else, I thought... What about students loving themSELVES?? How do you all like to make up your sequences? Interested to hear how other people create their flow, and what inspires you to bust out a pen and paper to put it all together! :-*