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  1. I dont know if this will help but whenever i feel overwhelmed (i dont have ptsd but i haved sobbed in savasana and other poses before due to stressful situations that recently happened in my life. i try to take a deep breathe in and just focus back on my breathing. Can she think of a mantra? Like let on inhale and go on exhale. That was suggested my teachers. It has helped me alot dealing with sadness during a certain poses. Yoga is about healing. This lady apparently is going through some heavy stuff.
  2. Ok folks so i am trying to broaden my horizon and try different yoga classes with different teachers not stick with my usually favorite. Been doing yoga for 7 months now so im getting the hang of things. It was a hatha class with mostly first timers. Which is fine so teacher was good explained everything. The class went well untill the end when teacher said we ran out of time for savasna. That got me kind of irritated. Savasana is the reason why i come for yoga lol!!! Did that ever happen to anymone? What you think
  3. Sorry for the late response but it went great!! A bit teary eyed i went and talked to her and said i just wanted to tell you how thankful i am for you and handed her the card. She had big smile on her face and actually read the card then and there and told me how much it meant to her. ????
  4. Thank you everyone for your kind replies. I decided to express myself in a thank you card. I am giving it to my teacher tonight after class.
  5. Hey everyone i am a new yogi here.. Practicing for couple months now and love yoga so much. It completely made my life so much better and i want to express gratitude to one of my teachers who has been on this journey since the beginning. They have seen the changes i have made and been there every step of the way encouraging and guiding me in this yoga journey, sharing their light in the class. i do say thank you after each class but i want write in words with out it being cliche or weird. I am not sure yoga teachers know how much their students truly appreciate them. they are beautiful people!!!