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  1. Posted in the main forum but the topic was moderated. I'm more interested in mula bandha. This is a serious question as I'd like to incorporate it into my practice when it comes to certain arm balances and backbends. I've been told it's not a pelvic tilt aka squeezing the transverse abdominis.
  2. Hello all. Posting from NYC. I primarily resistance train for strength and physique and have incorporated Yoga into my training. Currently at a crossroads to either continue both Yoga and resistance training or choose one or the other. I find strength training 4x a week plus yoga 4x a week strenuous. Hope to learn from you all. Cheers!
  3. I've been practicing this arm balance for a couple of months. Still not getting the full expression of the pose and it's not going to help now that I injured BOTH left and right outer wrists. I think I strained them so the recovery has been slow. I found Candace's Yoga hands diagram through google. My question is should the pressure points be the same since the hands are now facing towards the rear of my body? A followup would be - should the pressure still be towards the fingers and knuckles in Mayurasana? I'm sure I've been placing weight on the bottom palms as I shift my weight forward to get lift
  4. They are fine. I haven't attempted Mayurasana with the fingers pointed towards the toes as of yet however. I'm kind of hesitant as that how I injured them in the first place. Is there a modification I could use in terms of hand placement?
  5. Injuries with ligaments and tendons do take a long time to heal =[ Recovery: 1. I still lift weights as my wrist don't bother me doing so. I'm using wrist wraps and lifting straps as they take grip strength out of the lifts. Less stress on my wrists that way. 2. I do ice after and I've been taking an aspirin to keep the inflammation down. 3. I do massage my wrist. There's a tender feeling on the bone on the injured hands. I'm going to try to use a topical analgesic as well. Contrast immersion looks interesting - going to look into that as well. I understand your hesitance on advice which is fine. When my wrists on 100% again, I'll bump this post. I really want to know where the weight being down on the hands in Mayurasana before continuing to try to progress in that pose.
  6. I'm entering through butterfly at the moment. No. Still recovering so I've been laying off them.