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  1. YogaByCandace liked a post in a topic by Phamine in What does the 3 banhdas feel like to men?   
    Posted in the main forum but the topic was moderated.
    I'm more interested in mula bandha. This is a serious question as I'd like to incorporate it into my practice when it comes to certain arm balances and backbends.
    I've been told it's not a pelvic tilt aka squeezing the transverse abdominis.  
  2. YogaByCandace liked a post in a topic by Phamine in Greeting from NYC   
    Hello all.
    Posting from NYC. 
    I primarily resistance train for strength and physique and have incorporated Yoga into my training.
    Currently at a crossroads to either continue both Yoga and resistance training or choose one or the other. I find strength training 4x a week plus yoga 4x a week strenuous.
    Hope to learn from you all. Cheers!
  3. Phamine liked a post in a topic by Anahata in Outer wrist injury from Mayurasana   
    How are you entering this pose?
    And are your wrists 100% recovered from injury now?