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  1. Hey everyone. Challenge accepted . I think I will probably go for pigeon or mermaid pose. Good luck!
  2. I think we will have to wait a bit longer for this (September or so). At least that is the answer I got on the blog. I am also looking forward to it a lot. In the meantime I will probably start another program, maybe the flexibility one. It would probably be a good preparation
  3. Hi, First thing: great idea to start this kind of discussions with the YBC community. I personally think that one should not adopt a particular diet, at least not because of feeling pressure from all the posts/comments/content portraying "true yogis" in a certain way. However, I think that as you embark in your yoga journey, this will bring a lot of changes to your life and how you view the world. As you become more connected, more grounded, you will start prioritising health, harmony and well being (for you and everyone/everything else around you) and this will probably lead to a diet change too. In the beginning, when I started yoga, I immediately thought "ok, I probably should also become a vegetarian, start drinking juices , etc". I tried doing that but the sudden change and this feeling that I am doing it just to "fit in" made me a bit uncomfortable. Now, after over one year, of yoga, I can see true changes starting to happen. I learned what is best for my body, what I really like and to accept that my diet might not be everyone else's diet; and that's ok! That's just my experience with it. I am in no way an expert, in either yoga or nutrition (I suppose just loving food doesn't count, right? )
  4. I am soooo excited about this. On my way to work today I was googling "how to train for splits" and stuff like that. And then I randomly decide that it's time for me to start being active on this forum and find this great news that we are going to work on it in August. I feel like this is my lucky day. No more research needed. I will patiently wait here
  5. Hi everyone! My name is Irina and I currently live in Germany. I have been practicing yoga for a little over a year and I absolutely love it. I am currently working on getting stronger and improving my yoga practice. I look forward to learning a lot from every one of you