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  1. Hi! Madison here, bring you our next community discussion. It is now September, which means that school is back in session, work schedules are getting busier, and the to-do's are piling up as we head into the holiday season. As things pick up this fall, we want to hear about how you remain mindful, even when things get busy. What are your go-to stress squashers when you don’t have much time? Remember, your contributions to this discussion have the opportunity to be posted on the YogaByCandace blog. So, have at it! Give us your best tips on how to squash stress!
  2. Hey everyone! This is Madison, YBC's intern. Here at the office Candace and I have been thinking up some ways to start a conversation and really engage with the YBC community. So, we are kicking off a series of discussions for the next few months right here on the forum. Each month, we will post a question and after you all have had the opportunity to chat about it, we will pick some highlights and share the results on the YBC blog and our social media accounts. Candace and I talked a lot about the perfect question to start this discussion series and *inhales* well, we've decided to start off with a bang: "If you practice yoga, should you adopt a particular diet?" Yep, the ever controversial question about what foods a good yogi should and shouldn't eat. We've experienced first hand how controversial this topic can get, so when discussing it on this forum, remember to take an approach of tolerance and understanding. So, tell us about your experiences or share some recipes, just get involved with the convo We can't wait to hear your thoughts!