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  1. Oh yeah - I've heard the old weight training line many a time. That said, I do sort of agree. There's a school of thought that says we ought to incorporate a strength element into our daily routine, because in today's modern society we are far less likely to encounter resistant-type movements which would have been normal in everyday living prior to the convenience of the modern lifestyle. That's why I do incorporate hand stand push ups, one-hand push ups, pistols and chin ups into my practice. But yoga? The bottom line for me is that it makes me feel fantastic, and can still move like a child even though I'm in my 40s. To me we are just upstart monkeys anyway, and yoga enables us to keep swinging from the trees, but without the tree. Well, that's my warped way of looking at things anyway. Monkey don't use barbells, but they sure as hell stretch, invert. climb and back bend
  2. Great article, yeah, that's going to take many reads to digest properly. Seems like it's incorporating PNF stretching? I hear people say that when they're doing the splits it often takes a couple of minutes for the muscles to stop freaking out until they can relax into the pose - more a case of letting go rather than forcing. Although within time that period gets reset, so you can 'stretch' farther into the pose in a shorter amount of time. As I understand it (i.e, I might be talking about of my backside) the stretch of the hams is all in the mind (central nervous system); that a corpse will never have tight hams. I remember a gruesome story of a wrestler. He didn't land properly and ended up in the partial splits. Then his 'opponent' dived on top of him his hams just ripped straight off the bone.
  3. I watched this youtube vid where this guy is really into the health benefits of urine. He shaves with his own urine and falls asleep at night in a pee-soaked beanie, because, apparently, it's good for the scalp.
  4. Don't forget that time when you put your shoes on. Don't squander the opportunity
  5. Lol, that last sentence made me think and pause. Spot on. And that's all tied to perfectionism or nothing isn't it. I think it's all about accepting one's limitations and not beating yourself up too much I guess. I love the following quote, and ought to tattoo it on my forehead or something (in mirror writing of course ): Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential. All I need is a time machine and a whip, and to have a little chat with my younger self....
  6. My yoga teacher always says, if you do nothing, always do a dog, every single day for the rest of your life. He's being a bit sneaky there though, because often a dog will lead into another pose and then another.... On a side note, although sort of related... I'm the biggest procrastinator in the world. Still working at curing this terrible affliction. But the advice is to chunk things down into smaller manageable bits. It does work, although ideally I need to employ someone to give me a huge initial kick up the backside to set me in motion.
  7. Since November I've been devoting at least an hour a day mainly to the front splits. I've made slow but steady progress (started about 11 inches away from the ground (!) lol, but now about 6 inches). What I've noticed is that most of the stretch seems to come from the back leg (and my backside!) and have always had a slight bend in the front leg. Do I need to focus more attention to the front? Or will the slight bend sort itself out when (if!) I get to the ground? Atm, I'm taking things slowly; 'sitting' in the split shape for extended periods of time and mainly concentrating on getting the hips straight and the knees properly aligned, rather than striving too much. So I'm wondering should I work to get that front leg straight as well, before going for the lower form? Cheers.
  8. Ah, interesting points there Anahata, and I never thought of the counterpose aspect merely by the act of switching sides. Yeah, I'm dying to try the backbend and forward bend aspect of it as well, although I'm guessing I won't be able to really do that until I'm on the floor. Blimey, it's a versatile pose, which I've never really thought through tbh. One of the things I'm doing is lunging in front of a wall, with my back leg against the wall. Initially it was a killer on the psoas (?) but now find it really easy, and can't wait to incorporate that aspect of it as well. But again, I'm not low enough yet I guess. Does my head sometimes though; how strange the body works. I can sit all day at my desk in fire log pose and can do a pretty intense forward bend in it as well. I can also do cobblers with both knees on the ground no problems. But can I do a decent lizard? Can I do a half decent Wide-legged seated? Nope
  9. Haha, that's a good way of putting it Thanks a lot Candace, I'll be sure to make this pose into one of my split staples then. God help me!, both my backside and my hams are going to be on fire now.
  10. Thanks a lot Candace, yes, that's exactly the problem; I've seemed to have developed quite a bit of movement in the back area and tbh, when I'm in that position for long enough I feel I could slip down even more, but it's a combination of fear and that pesky front leg (but hey, I'm living up to my username I guess lol). But damn, you've just linked to my all-time hated pose I think. No, in all seriousness I will embrace it and make it part of my routine now. The way you described on how to use blocks and keeping the toes curled is exactly how I'm doing it, so this is good to hear (although I do flip my back toes out when I'm in my edge).
  11. I've never had the candle experience, that sounds awesome. My pref would have to be Yin yoga as well. I also like plenty of inversions and intelligent use of props. I hate shavasana because I always end up falling asleep, snoring and embarrassing myself.
  12. I recently changed to vegetarian. Now trying to do the whole vegan thing, although I'm really finding it hard going atm (I love my garlic cheese too much ) The reason I became vegetarian was because of the whole cognitive dissonance thing, I just felt like a hypocrite. Now I'm starting to get that way when I stray off the vegan path. That said, it's great that people are not judging on here. One thing that really annoys me though is the whole political/ideological driving force behind the 'science', be it rampant capitalism, animal rights or lobbyist. You can literally read one scientific paper here and then get completely contradictory advice from another science paper there. Does my head right in. So, I figured, I might as well do what they do in the blue zones - and they all mainly eat a plant-based diet, with legumes, nuts and exercise (yay yoga).
  13. About 3 months ago I decided to centre most of my yoga around the front splits. So atm it's a lot of lunges and it's cousins. But there's also that one where you go from a lunge and then straighten the leg back (sorry, don't know the name). I have to say, I've found this one pose amazing in lengthening my sad hams. Also, and I don't know if this is good practice or not, but I often do forward bend with really bent knees so my head is almost touching my shins, and then very gently and slowly straighten my legs (so it's sort of doing it all in reverse). Again, I've found this really useful.
  14. Oh, that would be awesome if you could and greatly appreciated! I'm probably the laziest yoga student in the world tbh, and always looking for 'hacks' where I can do yoga anywhere lol. This might sound a bit stupid, but I put a few yoga blocks each side of the sink so I can do hams when I'm washing up I've looked at that vid btw, very nice. I think that's a one I will follow when I'm shattered. Cheers.
  15. I wish someone could do a comprehensive shoulder routine that you could do at your desk. Hint hint @ Candace Not talking about strength here but getting rid of all those horrible knots! I want to be deknotted lol
  16. Muffin top?
  17. Never heard of the expression either. Where I'm from it's call goodbye arms.
  18. I work at home on a computer as well, but ditched the chair completely years back. My computer sits on a very low coffee table and my 'chair' is 6 yoga blocks stuck together to form a sort of mattress. Best decision I've ever made tbh; although in my 40s I feel better and move better than when I was in my twenties, and I'm sure it's all down to years being constantly sitting in various yoga positions while working away at my desk. Favourite positions while 'sitting' would be the shoe-lace 'pose'. If you youtube Dr James Levine, he's got plenty to say about chairs and how it's literally ruining our health and taking years off our life.
  19. Sounds great kmkb, yeah, I can't afford a gym either lol, but tbh, that's where my laziness kicks in anyway - I'd have to walk, cycle or public transport my way to a gym, then get changed, then warm up, then lift weights, then shower, then get dressed, then get back home. For me, that's way too much effort lol. I've just reached that age where I'm looking for 'hacks' to get some results but not striving too much. I guess I just know my limitations. That said, is there much point to going to a gym anyway if you can't knock out 10 perfect form handstand push ups, or 15 perfect chins? Same with diet. I've spent my life yo-yoing, now I just do intermittent fasting and it sorted itself out without really much effort on my part. Hacks!
  20. This is probably not very helpful, because I'm a relative noob, but it's yet another person's routine I guess I combine yoga with good old fashion bodyweight exercises. Basically this entails: pushups, chins, back bends, squats, abs and handstand push ups. This, I follow from the cheesiest book title ever written: "Convict Conditioning". In spite of its crass title, it's probably the most comprehensive and detailed book ever written for proper form and sensible progression regarding BW exercises. I do this 3 times a week, and then practice yoga for 1 or 2 hours a day 6 days a week. It's a nice balance I have to say. I'm a very lazy person as well; I don't really go in for the jump and up and down yoga stuff - I like to 'flop' into yoga postures for 5 or 10 minutes at a time. Probably not the best routine in the world, but it's something that suits my personality (i.e, lazy git) and which I'll be able to stick to. I also add horse stance to my routine as well (on the advice of the readings from Paulie Zink <the founder of Yin yoga> who reckons it's one the most important things you can do).
  21. Lol Candace - yeah, you're right - I think the back of my leg really do have that emote on them!! Thanks - I'll give that modification a go.
  22. Anyone know the name of this pose? I'll describe it: It's basically Virasana (Hero Pose) but with with the knees going out to the side (so there's a wide gap between knees). As you advance you try and widen those knees more and more. I learned this pose years back, when I was studying yoga in India - we'd always do this pose everyday, twice a day for like 20 minutes at a time lol. The teacher said, that if we did this every day for 5 minutes, we'd never have to see a doctor lol. It was his biggest love I think. Thing is, I've never seen this pose on youtube on in books. Unless I'm not looking properly! I'm personally loving this pose because it seems that it could be a useful aid to the side splits (I might stand corrected - I'm not very knowledgeable tbh, just going by feeling here). Any thoughts? Is this a legit pose? Cheers
  23. Thanks a lot guys, you've managed to solve the mystery! @yogafire, yeah, the one you linked to: That's the one! Blimey, does look like a 'made up' pose then. @Anahata. No no, don't be sorry. Tbh, that was exactly the sort of response I was looking for. Thanks a lot. I've always been a bit tentative about practising this move because it doesn't seem to really exist anywhere. That was really the main reason for posting this thread, for people's opinion if it was safe to practice or not. I'll probably steer clear of it now, after what you've said. Again, thanks a lot people - finally got there in the end!
  24. My pet peeve is vrksasana. If you're male, this pose presents hideous agony problems if not paying attention.
  25. Lol, no Jasmine, nothing like that. My fault, probably did a very bad explanation! Nah, it's pretty much the same as virasana (you're vertical) but instead of knees being together, you gradually slide them out to the side, i.e, left knee goes left and right knee goes right. My teacher could do this so it sort of looked like a split, but in a virasana type position (if that makes any sense - e.g, sort of like a split without any calves lol). I think after that it would be a case of doing a forward bend through the legs (although it's been such a long time my memory might be a bit wonky).