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  1. Wow, wow, do not worry folks, I'm fine with my hernia, is just a mild disease for what I wasn't considering repair while it doesn't bother me. Doctor said very clearly that have no risk for me as it is now, and literally the first thing I found searching for it was a newspaper citing a scientific study recomending it to be repaired only when it's painfull, due to risk of also generally mild complications. Then I didn't searched a lot for other studies, certainly. I understand, nevertheless, that is not necessary for this condition to worsen, is just rare for it to submit, or so say the medical info pages; it is obvius for me, for some anectodical evidence, that it can recede through some alternative means, but I'm not discusing about that cause I'm not trying to be right or defending any option. I'm not taking any risks with my health or anything so belive me this is not an important issue and you do not need to convince about anything: my health or life does not depend on it. As we are at a yoga forum I can't resist, just to show that I'm no lunatic (I insist I'm not trying to prove any point, but just show that... there are some alternative opinions) to show this article I found about how yoga can help a hernia to get better: Effect of yoga therapy in reversible inguinal hernia: A quasi experimental study Alagesan J, Venkatachalam S, Ramadass A, Mani SB - Int J Yoga ... and guess what , I'm not doing this asanas... well I'm lying, I do some of them, actually: are fun, and helped a lot with my back problems (much more painfull). I understand the good intentions, but you don't need to hurry and give such a worrying advice: some person also told me months ago when I ask for advice to a light diet that an hernia had serious risks and blah blah... that didn't felt very well (also cause finally he didn't gave me any advice) so I asked my doctor and she said that there was no risk for me, and my treatment was my personal choice; she also explained me that this usually get gorse, but I had actually read in that article that, acording to statistics, it is indeed wiser to wait and only repair if and when this happens. If I need surgery, as if I needed for my apendix or my teeth or whatever, I will get it: no worries I just wanted to do this practice, mainly, true, cause being full may affect my hernia and make it bothersome... but actually the last weeks this did not give me any trouble; I just had already knew about this practice and was intrigued: I never really paid attention before to certain chronic constipation I got, and is never a bad thing to adress it. Also, I already found an alternative series of asanas: http://yoga.omgyan.com/kriya/Shankha-Prakshalana.html Thanks for all and regards
  2. There is this yoga practique called Shankha Prakshalana, and the short version, I belive it's Lagu Shankha Prakshalana that acts as a kind of laxative to alleviate constipation. It implies drinking some salty water (wich is not rapidly absorbed by the body) and do certain asanas that helps to open the valves of the gastrointestinal track, so the water will drag the stools so you can go to bathroom. Although I try to eat more vegetable and fibre I still ocasionally suffer constipation so I wanted to try but there's the think: there is an asana (the cobra pose) that may be harmfull for me cause I got an inguinal hernia, so I wonder if there would be some alternative to this, cause I read that there are alternative asanas to do this practice. Anybody has heared about this. Thanks a lot, and regards.