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  1. I'll be exploring splits and dancer's pose for the April challenge — below are my starting photos (apologies for the backdrop). Happy practicing!
  2. Hi Candace! I sometimes move from shoulder stand to bridge (and vice versa) during my asana practice. On some occasions, I position my palms or fists on my low back while moving in and out of the postures for additional support. This is not a progression I've encountered in a group class; rather, I discovered it while playing on the mat at home. The progression seems natural and graceful to me, plus I feel strong and in tune with my body doing it. However, I'm not sure if it is advisable from a physiological standpoint to move this way. In your professional opinion, is moving from shoulder stand to bridge (or vice versa) safe? Thanks, Renee
  3. I so want to make one of these so I can practice in my back yard!
  4. Hi Candace, I have a family friend who has never tried yoga but would like to get started at home. I practice frequently, and she asked me if I could introduce her with some one-on-one asana practice. I am more than happy to do this and feel comfortable guiding through a gentle flow sequence. However, I have one concern: My friend had a C-section a little more than a year ago. Are there any poses I should avoid? Thank You, Renee