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  1. Hello yoga community, I am a high school teacher who has just been asked (2 weeks before school starts) to teach a semester long yoga class. My only qualifications are that I am a PE teacher and I coach several sports. My experience with yoga is very limited (I have attended a handful of classes with my wife over the last 5 years). I have spent the last few hours searching the internet looking for guides. outlines, and resources to facilitate teaching. As I have done this, I have learned the the practice and scope of yoga is much larger than I had thought. Clearly, with virtually no experience myself, leading yoga is not an option. I plan to use quality videos, since the internet is filled with them (if i can even determine what is quality and what is not). I am here hoping that this active community can point me in a direction, offer some guidance, or tell me I am in too deep haha. Working with a teenage population will be different than working with adults and I plan to treat the yoga class more like wellness class. My wife is a psychologist and has really helped me to understand several different types of coping tools to manage stress with my athletes (PMR, Visualization, diaphgamatic breathing) and I plan to teach these. From what I have found, teaching the breath is most important? what types of yoga would be best to teach beginners? how would you structure a class like this? we meet every other day so 2-3 times a week. Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance. Tim