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  1. Thank you for all your responses! What an incredible and supportive community. <3 I am not trained in trauma yoga nor am I a therapist, so I feel like it would be unethical on my part to do any private training with her. I don't have the tools or knowledge to guide someone with severe PTSD. The studio is part of a physical therapy clinic so her episodes are not contained to just the classroom. It's not the right environment for someone dealing with PTSD on her level. Her episodes are not quiet. She yells and cries loudly. As much as I wish others could be understanding and supportive of her situation, that is just not the case. The other woman who was in class works with patients who are facing death, so yoga is her escape from trauma. That's why she left so quickly after class. I agree that yoga can be therapeutic and offer deep emotional release, but in no way do I believe that it replaces professional therapy. I spoke with the owners of the studio I teach for and they found some great places in the area that offer private yoga for folks who have experienced severe trauma. She was very understanding and grateful for the referral. She acknowledged that a public class was not the right place for her to heal. Again, thank you so much for your suggestions and support!
  2. Okay, Goddesses- I need your advice. I have a student who is dealing with some serious PTSD that has attended two of my classes. The first time she came to class I was unaware of her PTSD. She began crying uncontrollably during savasana and I was fine with that. She was the only one there so I let her have her moment. She began wailing and repeating, "I don't want to do this anymore..." It was clear that she was not talking to me. I asked her to open her eyes and look around to the room to bring her back to present moment. After class, she was asking me a lot of questions about how to deal with the sadness that keeps coming up. I made it very clear that I am not a therapist or psychologist. The second time she attended my class, she began having the same episode during one of the restorative poses. This time there was another student in class and it was very obvious that she was uncomfortable with the situation and couldn't get out of class fast enough. Again, she began asking questions about how to cope and revealed to me that her therapist had dropped her as a client because she was "too reactive". SO... I'm doing my best to find a way to lovingly, but firmly say to her, "Yoga needs to come second to therapy and you are disturbing the other students." Any advice on how to approach this? I'm doing my best to keep a calm center, but her energy is very strong. I find myself very tense and scattered with her around. I can't continue to let her run my class with her outbursts. Help!