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    Working out (Yoga&Pilates), reading, languages, painting, collecting quotes and somehow just figuring out how to be healthy and happy... :)
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    abolish my reasonable future plans and do a yoga teacher training...
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  1. In my eyes, any yoga flow that makes you feel good is a good one! When I practice on my own I just move in a way that feels right. Don't worry about your flow. Just do what you like and know that you don't have to stick to your routine but if you do that's fine, too. Just make sure that you don't get bored and maybe see your flow more as an experiment. Put on some music as inspiration and start. Listen to your body. Tight neck today? Include some stretches for the neck and shoulder area. Saw that fancy headstand picture on Instagram today? Go ahead and try a headstand with a wall as support. Up to a challenge? Hold that down dog extra long today. Be creative! Good luck with your practice!
  2. Thanks, that means a lot to me ! Yes, I agree. Good luck!
  3. You're welcome! I can totally see myself in what you are experiencing! I agree with you! Being on this journey can sometimes be really demanding. Getting to know yourself (how strange this may sound) gives you such a new awareness. For me it became easier to be happy and I feel more energized. But at the same time, I also get more sensitive for the problems or insecurities that I am facing. In moments when I really struggle with this, I sometimes even ask myself if it would be easier to go back to where I used to be. But the answer is no. It can be annoying and challenging but this journey gives me so much more than it makes me struggle. And even better, every day I get more confident that I will leave these insecurities behind me. But as you said, it is a journey. And journeys take effort. Thanks for making me feel understood! (I hope you can say it like that in English )
  4. Hi! My biggest advise is to start out with Youtube videos! My favourites are the one by Candace but there are plenty on the net. Just type in Yoga for beginners. Maybe just start with sequences that are only 15 minutes long. At least that's the way I started. When you do Yoga at home with Youtube you are all by yourself and there is no one to judge you. That is always quite comforting I guess. Your confidence will develop and your yoga practice will too without you even thinking about it anymore. You can't do anything wrong. It is actually the opposite. Your wish to start Yoga to feel healthier is already the best step you could make. Something is better than nothing, right? Hope I could help you!
  5. Hi! I definitely can relate to the phenomenon of clenching the jaw after getting into regular practice. Just like you I just noticed it after a while and I just tried to shift my awareness to it a bit more. And nowadays, I rarely experience it anylonger. I am not a doctor or anything like that but I almost explained it to myself like this: I was getting into something really new and I am the kind of person that tends to think about things that interested me a loooot, especially when they are new. Just as you described, when I was busy, my head was somewhere else and my jaw was relaxed. When I was relaxed, I am almost sure that a part of my mind was always busy with thinking about Yoga and how I can develop further in my practice and bla bla bla. So basically my advise is to wait a bit until your more intense Yoga practise has become a part of your daily life. In my opinion, our body always reacts in some way to something new. Just try to relax when you settle down in front of the tv or whenever you are experiencing your problem. This is just an answer from my personal experience and I hope it helps you in some way! And don't worry about asking this question! Our body can just sometimes be a mystery to us, isn't that so?
  6. Hello everyone! I know this is rather the part of the forum where yoga teachers can talk to other yoga teachers but I figured this would also be the best place to ask a question concerning your job. I'm into Yoga for more than a year now and I start to notice that there is a voice in my head telling me that I would love to not only do Yoga but maybe even to teach it. I am still quite young, to be precise I will graduate this year and I'm in application process to go to university. I want to study "International Business and Languages" and I'm sure it will be something that will suit me because I am obsessed with languages and cultures and also the business part seems interesting to me. So as you might guess, until a few weeks I was totally happy with my choice but since I'm thinking more and more about becoming a yoga teacher, I am afraid to make the wrong choice. Since I am still going to school, it is not like I can do a yoga teacher training in my freetime and see if it will work and if it will, then I will quit my job. It is actually the opportunity to do it right from the beginning that scares me. I live in a small town where Yoga still is regarded with a lot of prejudices, which is probably why I feel so insecure myself. Please tell me about a job that is not as traditional as others, at least not in my surroundings. My hopes are that becoming a Yoga teacher could fulfil me in a way than working in a big business company could never do. I know this question is really personal and obviously you cannot tell me what will be the right choice for me but at the moment I can't tell either. So I would love to read any experiences you have made with this job. Tell me your story of becoming a yoga teacher. Just some examples and inspiration would help...I hope. Thanks in advance! Nadine
  7. Hi, I'm Nadine and I come from Germany. I found my way into Yoga and Pilates because of my spine which isn't the most upright and correct one...But nowadays I regard it as a blessing because Yoga gives me so much energy and confidence and I could never imagine that maybe with a good back I wouldn't have discovered Yoga. But luckily I'm here and my posture has already improved. I'm sure that I can find similar stories in this forum and I'm so keen to read them all! Currently I'm working on my headstand to maybe find my way into a handstand someday. This will be a long way but never forget guys - The journey is the destination