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    Working out (Yoga&Pilates), reading, languages, painting, collecting quotes and somehow just figuring out how to be healthy and happy... :)
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    Advanced beginner
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    Headstand, the classic: downward facing dog
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    abolish my reasonable future plans and do a yoga teacher training...
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    Harry Potter, The book thief, Me before you, The Martian, Namaslay
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    Finding Nerverland, Moulin Rouge, The Notebook
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    Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, The Carrie Diaries

About Me

Hi everyone!

I am a girl / young woman (I kind of prefer that term ;) ) from Germany. I'm about to graduate from highschool (I hope that's what Americans would call it) and about two years ago I found my way to working out because I got a diagnosis of scoliosis. Genereally speaking, it means that my spine isn't the way it should be. I didn't want to accept my doctor's point of view that a scoliosis can't be improved, so I started to stabilize my back by working out.

Today working out has not only improved my back but it has also become one of the most important parts of my life! It is no longer only related to the health of my back but to my overall wellbeing and happiness.

So whatever your story to Yoga may be, I want to encourage you to believe in yourself, just as I did when the ever so intelligent doctor told me I will always live with an incorrect spine.