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  1. Hi all! I recently got back into doing yoga and I have noticed a pattern from the last time I tried it as well. I am fine in the moment, but I later notice that after all of the upside down poses, I am left feeling weak, with an uneasy stomach. I did learn that it is usually bothered when I do yoga immediately after I eat, or with an empty stomach. I had figured it was just heat related, but then I remembered my recent yoga practices around the time I feel this way. I'm looking for any tips of foods, drinks, ANYTHING that help fill you up, gain energy, yet do not make you feel uneasy with holding upside down poses. I would also appreciate tips of when/how much to eat or drink within the time you know you will be doing yoga so it doesn't affect you for the rest of the day! I hope this comes across clearly. Figured I'd ask just in case as I would love to keep up the process :-) thanks!