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  1. Hi Candace, i would like a video for the back and sholders and winding down/meditate, since my back aches from breastfeeding, carrying a cot and a six month old baby. And since caring for a child can sometimes be stressful ans i need a little time to groun mysslf. Its got to be short like 20-30 min because longer than that is hard to do while caring for baby. It could be a before bed session. You get the idea. Thanks
  2. red clay is a powdered clay you can buy from wholesalesuppliesplus.com you can also use green clay or mineral clay if it's easier to find for you personnaly i use st-yves dead see mineral clay masc every few days. But i put very little on my face and only for 5 minutes (whiles brushing my teeth at night).
  3. Hi Candace i am 7 month pregnant and have been practicing yoga for a couple years, so i would say i am beginner/intermediate. At the moment i moslty do spine stretches and mobility and sun salutations. Plus some tips i learned at my prenatal yoga class and I am always very carefull to listen to my body while doing yoga. I am very inspired by inversions and back bends, and was wondering what postures i can do while pregnant to slowly prepare for those and open my heart, strenghten my arms. Pigeon ? Bridge ? thanks !
  4. Hi everyone ! i discovered YBC a couple days ago and really enjoy the blog, so i came to check the forum as well i am typing from Mirabel, Quebec, Canada mother of a 4yr old boy, expecting my second boy by febuary 2nd practicing yoga through dvds on and off since 10 years ? and now doing a weekly yoga class with a teacher i really love since 2-3 years ago. i condsider myself beginner/intermediate. I am just now starting to look into the other limbs of yoga sutra to implement yoga a little bit more in my daily life. I find it helps me to stay connected, present, and makes my mood much more stable. I am looking into practicing meditation more regularaly as well. at the moment i am following prenatal yoga dvd's and my experience to keep my spine and legs mobile during pregnancy and i am looking forward to being able to do regular yoga again after a coupe weeks postnatal and really wanting to get into headstand, handstand and back bends in the near future. nice to meet all of you !