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    headstand, malasana, pigeon.
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    Warrior II
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    Kilo, a pure white female Dogo Argentine, around 4 or 5 years old is our house protector during the day and our snoring cuddle bug at night :)
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    Donate to charity to those who need it more and put it towards my passions such as owning my own business, and helping my family.
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    Angels and Demons, Where The Red Fern Grows, Dark Places.
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    Mrs. DoubtFire, Home Alone, and Elf
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    House Hunters, Chopped.
  1. This is a common place many yogis can find themselves in. For me, I'm not sure what it is about my ankles, but they have always been pretty flexible. From my experiences, and if your goal is "heel to floor", than always make sure your other foundations are strong. Such as arms shoulder width apart, eyes of elbows rotated outward away from navel, all five fingers are widely planted firmly against the earth along with your palm giving equal distribution of weight to all areas, gaze is between hands or at navel, and find the "hollowing and lifting of your armpits". Place hips where comfortable (usually hip width-although if your trying to achieve heels to floor, keeping them a bit wider might help this case), with a strong upper body, muscle engaged, stand on the balls of your feet, reach your tail bone to the sky, bend your knees deeply so your belly rests on your thighs, breath, and release your heels to the floor. Repeat this every class you take, and always remember to link breath to moment. When releasing your heels to the earth, you should be exhaling, and surrending into that space your creating. Good luck