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  1. Thank you for your replies!!! I have a very particular practice. I go to classes, I do a lot of research, and by the end of the day I go to my mat or standing in my kitchen doing my breakfast, or in bed or wherever, and do my yoga. I do remember the basics, I have the concepts in my head, but still I do my own yoga. Maybe its just a matter of discovering yourself and understanding the difference between sweet and sour pain. My only reaffirmation is that today, one year before starting doing very formal Iyengar yoga and discovering and inventing my own personal practice, I feel wonderful. My body has healed in ways I never thought it would. I'll do this variation as long as my body tells me its ok. Namaste
  2. Hello! Can anyone help me with this? I'm having my Iyengar teacher training here in Mexico and today we saw Trianga (Tiryam?) Mukha Eka Pada Pachimottanasana and a serious doubt came over me. I have this little sculpture I found at a local yoga store (posted here) and felt in love with it. Its so carefully crafted. Classically, as I understood today, this pose is Pachimottanasana with one Adho Mukha Virassana leg, right? But not with this little sculpture. So I asked if that variation with the Virassana leg was possible, and everyone went bananas, like the wrongest thing ever. They told me to never do that unless I wanted my knees broken. Does anyone have a possible answer to this? I'm a very flexible guy, in fact, I feel very comfortable doing my legs and feet like this. Help!!!