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  1. Hi! I'm Melanie, and I'm new to the forum. Just a little background on me: I'm 36, and I spent the first 27 years of my life rejecting athletic pursuits, mainly because I'm not naturally athletic or well coordinated. Until I had my son, I relied on a decent metabolism, but that was shot after pregnancy. Plus, my son was born with a rare bone marrow failure syndrome that led to a lot of anxiety and stress eating. When my ex and I divorced in 2011, I hired a personal trainer who helped me gain some confidence, and I eventually followed her to a Crossfit box that became an amazing source of support for me. I sucked at it, though I had a few strengths (bizarrely, I could do double unders from day 1!), but I made some progress, mainly with lower body strength. Progress was super slow, and I still can't do a pull up--or a lot of things--and I know I have serious deficits in core strength and mobility. Still, that community was my rock for years. My son had a bone marrow transplant in April of 2015, and they were there for us in a profound way. They fundraised when I had to take a year long leave of absence. They brought us meals. When we didn't think my kiddo would make it, they rallied behind us. When he was homebound, they arranged for babysitters so I could get out of the house to work out. Best community ever! It was during the transplant that I started dabbling in yoga videos. My stress was crazy, and I started doing Yoga with Adriene videos when another transplant mom suggested trying her out. Those videos really helped me through a trying time, and Adriene's slower pace was so helpful with mindfulness and anxiety management. My son and I did many of her videos as an extension of his physical therapy, and he's actually been working on writing her a letter about how yoga helped him. Through that, I found Candace, and I felt like Candace offered more of a challenge, though I was back to Crossfit once I found YBC and really fell of the 'yoga wagon'. Two months ago, a work transfer meant I had to move away from my Crossfit box, and I haven't found another box that has the schedule I need that also 'feels' right. I know I'll find it, but I think I need to give myself another month or two before I'm ready to move on. I still miss my old family too much to replace them! I decided that I should use this as an opportunity to attack those core /upper body and mobility issues, and I feel like Candace's brand of yoga is a good place to start. I was immediately attracted to the strength project, and the first two days were great! On day two, I felt at home with the AMRAPs. Tonight, however, I did the 50 minute power yoga for arm balances. Um...I suck at yoga. I can't do any of that stuff. I can maybe get into crow for a couple of seconds. I don't even have to mobility for a freestanding headstand. I feel like I spent most of the video on my knees saying, "Mmmm, no, nope, can't do that. Can't even do the thing you're suggesting I do instead. I don't know how that's even possible." So how do I approach this? I've never taken a real yoga class. I used to do twice weekly 'Yen Yoga for Crossfitters'. I have decently open hips now (and a better snatch and clean), but my hamstrings are still a hot mess. I feel like, perhaps, I should take a class, but I'm hesitant for a few reasons. First, I'm anxious about it. I hate doing classes where people exercise in unison! As stated earlier, I am uncoordinated, and I am not great with my left and my right. I love Crossfit because I do the WOD on my own time and terms. The few times I have done other group exercise, I'm fighting back tears ten minutes in. Videos are ok because I can pause or rewind. Second, my schedule will only allow either yoga classes or the YBC challenge. I guess I could do some classes and a slower challenge, but I'd need to be creative. Third, I just don't wanna. This is just a repeat of #1. Going to a yoga class is outside of my comfort zone, and I like my comfort zone. So that was a ridiculously long winded way to ask that people sell me on either a yoga class, powering through the challenge, or doing both. What do I gain from a class that cancels out the struggle of overcoming my irrational anxiety? What kind of class should I take? Or is it ok to make peace with just sucking now and for most of the future? Help!