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  1. Yes I do.
  2. Your questions are awesome and worthy of an ongoing discussion. On a surface level, I think it has to do with how yoga has been marketed in the West. Some men may assume this was created by women for women, and never give it a second thought. A quick google search would get them past this stumbling block. The much deeper issue more likely at work, is our cultural ideas about being a “man.” If an activity (like yoga) conflicts with your definition of manliness, the result is avoidance, or secrecy. You’re stuck in a paradox. On one side you’ve found something you love and want to share, but there’s an element of shame, fear, or embarrassment attached to it. How do we reconcile? I think exploring your own ideas of what it means to be a man is a great start. How did you form this belief? Is it absolute or negotiable? If you can reshape that view,I think you’ll find yoga fits in perfectly without friction.
  3. Some ideas for getting your guy into yoga: What's his resistance to it? If it's a "yoga is for women" response, he may feel insecure about the setting, his body, or ability. If he feels yoga will lower his status as a "man," then it's likely an ego issue, and introducing it in a non-public setting may be effective. The idea that yoga has anything to do with gender is strange and I'm curious if this mindset is shared outside of Western culture. Is he active in other areas? I love yoga and all of it's benefits, but even with that, I've struggled to do it consistently because of lifestyle choices. So if he's not already an active human, that could prove challenging. A low impact meditation style practice would be a nice primer. You could also offer to do something he’s interested in that you’ve been resistant to try. That alone could open him up to the possibility of reciprocating.
  4. I'm a big fan of Prana. It's on the expensive end but I found the functionality and quality justify the price. I've got two pairs of these and couldn't be happier. I also got the Yoga Crow shorts on Greg's recommendation and love them. There's a company on Amazon that has some shirts I really like for a great price: In general, the market doesn't seem great for men's yoga clothing but I think it'll expand as more men get into it.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm checking in from Las Vegas, NV. Candace has helped get me started on my yoga journey and I'll be starting my 200 hr course in a couple months. Looking forward to being a part of the community here!