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  1. the amount that you practice really depends on why you're doing yoga. regardless of what the reason is, if you want the benefits, practice every day, at least for a little while. i generally practice for 2 hours a day in one hour segments in a structured way (excluding classes and yoga lessons). i do it so much because I practice in order to go into samadhi, and achieve enlightenment. the path to awakening takes great discipline.
  2. i recently watched a video on youtube called "a 3 step formula for becoming ruthlessly effective at anything" it was broken down into 3 parts: 1. pick your domain (i picked "becoming a master yogi") 2. find a technique that yields large amounts of tangible results 3. practice this every single day, with 100 percent commitment i don't have access to teacher training programs and I can't do sitting/concentration meditation because I have very negative reactions to it. however, i have a very experienced yoga teacher.what do you guys think? do you guys have any specific techniques i can use for this?
  3. i started practicing my asanas with the dristi points, and OMG, the concentration skyrocketed almost immediately. this is exactly what i needed for my practice. this is what has been missing.i have some questions regarding the dristis. - how do you maintain a dristi while you're transitioning from pose to pose?- when you're transitioning from down dog to three legged dog, do you keep your gaze on the navel?- when you're transitioning from 3 legged dog to low lunge, where do you focus your gaze during that process?- when you're transitioning from low lunge to low lunge with arms up, where do you focus your gaze?- when you're transitioning from low lunge with arms up to low lunge in prayer position, where do you focus your gaze? would it be right in front of you, or would you be gazing towards your eyebrows-when you're transitioning from low lunge in prayer position to low lunge twist, where do you keep your gaze? would you be looking up towards your eyebrows? or looking up at the ceiling?- when you're transitioning from low lunge twist to plank, where would your dristi be?- when you're transitioning from plank to chaturaunga, where would your gaze be? between your hands?- when you're transitioning from chaturanga to cobra, where would your gaze be?- when you're transitioning from cobra to down dog, where would your gaze be?