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    I'm too new to yoga to say.
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    Buy an island and practice yoga everyday with beautiful scenery all around me.
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  1. Thank you for the feedback/advice. I tried the sequence of poses a few times last week and I was definitely sore but was not in pain. Some of the poses are not overly challenging but they aren't easy, which I feel is where they should be. I will do this sequence for a few months 4-5 times a week then go to an actual Ashtanga class as at that point I will have increased my strength, flexibility and endurance. The "not beginner" poses don't seem to be an issue for me, maybe I have natural strength and flexibility that I was unaware of. Again, thank you for the replies. Namaste.
  2. Is this a good start? I plan to practice 4-5 days a week, I need to lose a ton of weight. Surya Namaskar A and B. 3 times each Tree pose: 5 breaths each leg Warrior 1: 5 each side. Warrior 2: 5 each side. Triangle: 10 each side. Warrior 3: 10 each leg. Reverse table: 5 breaths for each rep (5 reps) Side plank: 5 each side (5 breaths each rep) Extended leg crunches: 15 reps. Cat cow- 10 reps. Savasana. I would eventually like to do Ashtanga, but I'm not at that level, fitness wise. Please add or alter any poses you'd like. Thank you.