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  1. Hello - I'm 61, male. I've been doing Yoga for 2 years now, 5 days a week. I use DVD's from White Lotus (Ganga White and Tracey Rich), Rondey Yee, and Suzanne Deeson, as well as Steve Ross via You tube. I got into Yoga because I heard one can lose weight with Yoga. I'm in better condition and feel better, but have not lost a pound, I started out 70 pounds overweight 2 years ago....and I'm still 70 pounds overweight! I've tried to eat healthy, and cut down on the beer and junk food, but nothing has worked. I don't want to abandon Yoga, but feel all this "yoga for weight loss" stuff is just a stupid scam. So.... 1. When does the weight start coming off?? 2. Would 2 workout's a day help? 3. Would fasting help? 4. What would some of you folks do in this situation? You can respond here, or send me an email at Thank You