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  1. For anyone who has similar doubts. You can always check with your airline but I can tell you that i have never had any issues with traveling with my yoga mat as a carry on. Now I don't even check because they alway let me in, no matter if it is a low cost domestic airline or a big international one. I saw so many people in the cabin with violins, ukuleles and weird shaped bags that I doubt that a yoga mat could be a problem
  2. I couldn't agree more! I also tried all of them and stayed with Vargas. They are a little expensive but being comfortable is worth it.
  3. Hello everyone! It is a pleasure to join the yoga forum. I have been practicing yoga for a little over one year now. I travel a lot so there is no specific place where I am based. I am hope to find here some inspiration and motivation as well as share my experience. Take care! surfadventure