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  1. The only hip stretch I do is lying down in a sort of cross-legged posture and letting gravity bring my hips closer to the ground. Do you think there are other stretches I could be doing for the hips?
  2. How should one begin approaching the lotus asana? I'm asking from a position of great inflexibility. My current daily efforts mostly involve stretching the legs to eventually meditate in the lotus posture. Any advice on this would be helpful.
  3. I had taken some advice from several websites (notably just websites that were about fitness and weightlifting) about only using a handful of poses, so that it was what I have been doing. Also, I have noticed gradual improvements in other areas of my physical and emotional health and suspect that many imperceptible changes are also taking place, even if the progress in flexibility seems limited. For example, I notice that after stretching I just generally feel quite well and creative, find it easier to laugh at things and do other spontaneous things. I was previously very unhappy about being so inflexible, even having unfathomable difficulties with breathing and feeling 'trapped' in my inflexible body. I did click the link for the violently titled 'Namaslay', and I saw the cover of the book. Is it mostly about stretching and the body, because that is my main concern at the moment.
  4. I stretch for about thirty seconds in a pose as a warm-up, then switch between several poses for 1-2 minutes each, several times.
  5. I am very inflexible, I cannot sit on my heels or touch my toes. I hope to one day meditate in the lotus asana. That is my goal. I have been stretching several times a day for several weeks, first thing in the morning and throughout the day. The stretching I have been doing has yielded some results, but my issue is this; the results seem to reset each day. Within the last few days I've made some great progress, and was able to sit on my heels and nearly touch my toes, but today has been pretty bad, I have been almost as inflexible as when I first set out to become flexible. I don't even feel like I have the energy to pursue the stretches, I feel like I can't be bothered with it. SO I just finished a thirty minute session with minimal results or improvement, and wanted to ask about this on a forum. What's the deal with this?