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  1. Hi everyone ! As I have written in my title I would like to organise workshops abroad but I have noooo idea where to begin. I know Candace has written an article on the blog about how to organise a workshop and it really helped me to organise my FIRST workshop (what a big moment when this is the first one haha). But she doesn't talk about how to organise abroad, and if she wrote an article about it please let me know because I haven't seen it :). Now I keep organising different workshops in the places I teach my classes. And it's fine. But I was thinking to organise a workshop in Verona, maybe London and Lisboa. I have a lot of ideas but I don't know how to make it. This is so hard to find students for the workshops so how do you do for the advertising and everything when the workshop is not close to you... Is the studio do the advertising for you ? Is it really possible to organise a workshop abroad if you are not a famous teacher ? I also wonder if it worth it because when you travel you have to pay the flight and the hotel and the rent of the studio and a workshop can't make it profitable isn't it ? I have so many questions I'm confused... Can someone help me please ? Thank you. Namaste xx Kris
  2. Hi cheyb! First of all, the simple fact you ask the question (in the forum and to yourself) means you aren't not irresponsible. I think if you do it with friends just to see if you like to teach before doing a teacher training, it's ok. You know we also do that when we are in a teacher training. When I was in my training, I was teaching a private class to one of my friends every week. I was not paid and she knew I had no certification but I needed to train myself and to be in teaching conditions to learn to explain the postures in English (which is not my mother tongue). Another girl in the training was doing the same with her boyfriend. If this is with people who know you and trust you and you need it to make sure you really wanna become a yoga teacher it's not bad. But if you want to teach a regular session, even with a small group, I think it's better to get a certificate. Because the basics of yoga are the most difficult to teach like adho mukha svanasana or Utthita trikonasana or virabhadrasana, etc. These are some poses you find in every yoga class for beginners but these are some of the most difficult to explain (more difficult than crow pose for example). Most of all, being a teacher is more than teaching, a teacher is kind of a therapist for some students who come with an injury or a cancer or different personal issues. Do you know it is possible to do teacher training by correspondance courses ? I don't know how it works but it does exist. Maybe it would be a good option for you if you really want your diploma but you can't leave your kid (which is understandable). If you really want to get this diploma, you will find a way, I'm sure. Maybe ask some help to Universe, during your meditation ? Also, if you have some doubts, let me tell you the teacher training will motivate you more and more to become a teacher. You'll go deeper and deeper into yoga so it's really amazing and you want to share all of this with the entire world haha. So, in my opinion, it's fine if you teach yoga to relatives, friends, maybe workmates (without being paid) to make sure you enjoy to teach. But I would advice you to get a diploma if you want to promote your class/session and teach to groups and strangers. I hope my answer helped 💜
  3. Hi everyone ! I have a question I can't find the answer on internet and i haven't learned it during my teacher training, My meditation begins to be deeper and deeper and this morning I've seen some colours during meditation (green and pink). Few weeks ago, I've seen some violet during my savasana. This is not a visualisation that I create. It appears to me. Do you know what does that mean ? If I see green for exemple, doesn't it mean I need to work on my heart chakra or doesn't it mean my heart chakra is better ? Thank you for your help 💜
  4. Hi Brittany ! First of all, congratulations for this decision ! It's a new adventure ! I think the most important (according to me) is to see the program and make sure they plan to talk about anatomy in the training. If you can, read some testimonials or maybe find the teachers on social media and watch their practice. The price is also a point depending of your budget. Finally, follow your heart. Maybe meditate on it and you will get some answers. Find a training that vibrates to you. Love xx
  5. If it feels good for you, it means it's a good flow. The most important is how do you feel doing it ?
  6. Will she do some classes all around the world ? im in Europe and i can't travel to USA just for a yoga workshop... :/ but i would love to get a class with Candace. Is and international tour planned ?
  7. Yeah ! I'm a teacher ! 💙:) Great idea to create a badge for teachers by the way !
  8. Thank you thank you thank you 💙✨:)
  9. Thank you for your answer. I already read all of that but it doesn't really answer to my question... I work hard and I follow all of the tips of Candace but I don't know if having 3 students to my class for 6 months means I am too slow or is it a normal evolution ? Is it normal to have just 3 students when you do a lot of marketing and try to connect with yoga community and do anything you can to grow your business ? most of the teachers told me it takes 6-12 month to build your clientele (don't really like that word to describe the students :/) . I am between 6 and 12 months an I still have 3 students to my classes. Is my business growing normally ?
  10. Hi everyone ! I have a question for a while and now I pluck up the courage to ask it. I got my diploma as a teacher in July 2016 and I began to teach during the summer in the studio that trained me and in September as an independant. I still teach in the studio that trained me and i also rent some places (i rent the place for the time of the class). So it's been 6-8 months I teach now. I have 4-5 classes per week (sometimes more when I replace a teacher but it's not often). Even if I do a lot of marketing for my classes and some people who call me, I have only 2 or 3 students to my classes and I earn 400-500€ per month (yoga is my only job). I just would like to know if this is normal or if I lag behind ? When I began I knew it was hard to grow a business (in yoga or any other area). I am just wondering if my evolution as a teacher is normal. I am a very optimistic person and I believe that good things are coming for me, not for now but i feel like if I will have a good future. I believe in it. I trust universe. But there's this little voice in my head who comes back sometimes saying "and if you don't succeed ?". This is the reason why I ask the question on the forum where there are new teachers and experienced teachers. Is my evolution too slow or is it normal... ? Thank you for reading me 💙 Love xx
  11. I identity with it. I was a student in communications, practicing yoga for two years. More as I was practicing, more I was into yoga, more I wanted to TEACH yoga. I have finished my diploma at university and in the same time I did my teacher training (week at university, week end at yoga studio). I got my both diplomas and now I am yoga teacher. I won't lie you, for some of us (me )it's very hard. The business is hard and at the beginning you have not a lot of money. But I followed my heart and I don't regret it. My one and only advice is to FOLLOW YOUR HEART. If you heart says you must do your studies and yoga is just something you love, go to university. If you heart says you want to be a yoga teacher, go for a teacher training. Your heart has all of the answers. Listen to it. PS : why not doing both ? Teacher training and university. You will be in a rush but it's worth it. Send you love ❤️ Kris
  12. Hi everyone ! I posted a message once and I had so many tips and lovely comments from this community so I do it again. First of all, I did my best to explain all of this in English so sorry if I made mistakes... I teach yoga for 6 months and to be honest the business is very hard and I have just 7 students... So I do some meditations when I ask to the universe to send me some opportunities in yoga industry. I had an opportunity last month in a fitness club. It was very interesting but i don't know why, my heart said NO. So I called the owner and I said I was not interested. Few days later, I've learned that this man was a crook and decides to not pay his teachers some months. I always always follow my heart and here my intuition was good. Today I had an other opportunity. A communications company called me to make me some marketing and establish a network (I have to pay a lot of money for it, obviously...) but here again my heart says no. I just would like to say that I am not guided by fear. I am not afraid of opportunities. My only fear is to not have opportunities again. I mean... I have asked opportunities to Universe and it gave it to me but my heart says no. I am afraid that universe stops giving me opportunities because I am "the girl who always says no" haha. But I feel like if I can't say yes just because I am grateful for these opportunities that universe gives to me. I have heard a conversation few days ago (coincidence or not ?). A woman said to a friend of her that if you ask opportunities to universe, universe will give it to you for sure but it doesn't mean these opportunities are good for you. You just asked opportunities and universe answers. My question is... if I say no again to this opportunity, will universe give me other opportunities ?
  13. Thank you for your answer ! You're right I'm still learning and the child pose was surely the best option to do. This experience made me learned about my teaching and myself. But yes it was a very weird experience haha. As you said the student feedback is important and I always listen to them to improve myself, this is the reason why I posted here because even if I was thinking about it few days after I still had no idea what I was supposed to do in this kind of situation. I take it as an experience to grow up as a teacher. Thank you again for your answer. The community is so lovely here 💜
  14. Oops sorry I thought you were a therapist You're right the two activities have a lot in common. And yes I will learn thanks to experience. You're not a teacher after 200hrs training, you become a teacher with work, practice, patience and experience (and a lot of passion ). Thank you for sharing your experience it's good to apprehend things in a different perspective.