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  1. Hello all, Let me start off by saying that I don't have many friends or personal resources who understand a lot about yoga, or else I would've had a very in-depth and focused conversation rather than this. I am also newer to the yoga practice, I have tried it multiple times, but never fully committed to a structured schedule or routine. And, since this is the best resource I have found so far, I figured I would share my thoughts here in this forum. I am a small person both in stature (about 5'1) and in overall build. Many times I have been told that I look "fragile" (even though I don't feel it) and there have been multiple occasions where people have hugged me rather delicately as if they were going to break me. I am still a strong person despite this, and I know that even though I am small, and consequently don't necessarily need to lose weight, I still want to be toned and fit. I burn most of my calories through running, and I have considered many other methods of exercise and getting fit, but I have problems with many of them. I have considered weight lifting, however, I do not really have the money to pay for a good lifting trainer (I have to save money to pay off college debt and other "wonderful" college expenses), and I don't want to lift without a trainer at the risk of injuring myself because of uncertainty in the practice. Furthermore, I don't particularly enjoy doing fast-paced exercise training videos with quick movements, as I easily get distracted and/or bored and lose focus on what I'm doing. I am also competitive and enjoy team sports, and as a result, I played college soccer for one year. However, I didn't get much out of it (due to the fact that I am a goalkeeper and coaches apparently don't pay much attention to 5'1 goalkeepers). I am planning to continue playing soccer for adult leagues and intramural organizations in my area, however, this is still too loose of a structure for the type of fitness I am looking for. The main point I'm getting at is that I haven't found an exercise routine that really fits with my lifestyle and how I want to feel from a physical standpoint. I am a small person, and I truly take pride in this, but like many other people, I want to stay fit and toned. I want to become stronger, and most importantly, I want to adapt to my small body size and use my size to my advantage to become a more fit and healthy individual -- to the best of my abilities. I feel like yoga is the best way for me to do accomplish my above goals, however, I would love to hear any of your opinions as well. I want to incorporate this practice into my daily life, but I do not necessarily know how, or where to begin if I choose to do so. If anybody has similar experiences or ideas, feel free to share as well; I am open to hearing anything, I just would love a little input from an actual yoga community.