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  1. Does anyone know of any good yoga team building resources for adults? I'm looking for ideas that would have people work together in groups and as partners to help improve cooperation and communication. Poses need to be accessible to all levels - from those who know nothing to those that have established practices - and mixed genders. I can find lots of stuff for kids, but very little for adults. Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes, RYT200 and teaching at a Collective studio.
  3. Maybe you are using an incorrect muscle or muscle group during some of your poses or transitions. I recently hurt my shoulder and I think it was from using the small shoulder muscles instead of the larger muscles in my back... not paying close enough attention. Try to recognize what muscles you are engaging as you move through your practice. You might discover an instance where you are using the wrong muscles and that's what leading to the tenderness and soreness.
  4. I'm not much of a drinker and don't really understand the attraction to drinking, but each person has their own vices, I guess. You have to do what feels right for you.
  5. I personally love B MAT. You can get it in different thicknesses as well as lengths. It is super sticky.
  6. I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on balancing teaching and one's own practice. I'm a new teacher and have just started offering classes. I love sharing my passion for yoga with others and, even though my classes are small, I find it beautiful to see my students in each pose... A whole new perspective! However, I'm finding it to be a lot of hard work to prepare for classes and promote them. And, while I still practice myself fairly regularly - usually testing out my class sequences and timing - I find I'm missing just being a student. I'm miss going to the studio and just doing what I'm told - getting lost in myself and in my own practice... or when practicing at home, just doing whatever comes natural and paying attention to what my body is asking for that day. Maybe it's just because teaching is new for me and a better balance will come in time?
  7. For telling teachers if you are a teacher as well... I would say it doesn't matter. Every teacher is also a student. If they know you, then they probably already know you are a teacher. If they don't know you, telling them you are a teacher may make them feel a bit uncomfortable - like they will be judged. I've not yet had any of my teachers in my classes, but that's probably because I'm a new teacher. Although, I did have one of my teachers tell me to let her know when I would be comfortable having her attend a class as she wanted to come, but she didn't want to make me feel extra nervous as I started out.
  8. LOL - it's only -23 degrees Celsius here at present. It's supposed to warm up to -16, which means with the milder temperatures comes more snow. Thanks for the tip. As a very organized person, I think I'm having a hard time getting a good schedule nailed down - which is leaving me feel a tad unbalanced.
  9. I thought it may be helpful to add... Remember that every day is different. Try to come to your mat without expectations. There will be times when you don't see improvement or may even not be able to do something you did before. Practice for the long-term gains, not the short-term. For example, when I first started practicing yoga, my seated forward bend was technically not a bend at all as I pretty much remained upright. It took "many" years of regular practice to be able to get my head to my knees. I used to hate the dreaded forward bend as my back would scream at me. Now I find it a very relaxing and meditative pose. Another example: It took me years of practice to be able to wheel. Then, after two years of doing it regularly, all of a sudden I couldn't do it again - for months! Turned out, my shoulders were holding all my stress, which was what was blocking me. An anatomy workshop, which tweaked the position of my hands, and an open attitude helped me get back up. So, sometimes, just a change in perspective is all that's needed. Persevere with an open heart and it will come.
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm Dawna from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada (the great white North) - which, with a population of under 20,000, has a very strong and varied yoga community. I've been practicing yoga regularly for over 10 years - often using some of Candace's videos when I was first developing my own home practice . I started out using the practice for stress release and it has now become SO much more. I completed my 200 hr TTC this past summer and have just started offering classes (under the name "breathe • believe • receive"). I've visited this site often for my own personal growth, and because I'm now teaching, I thought it would be beneficial to sign up. (And I obviously still need to figure out how the forum works as I discovered that I originally posted this as a reply to someone else's post instead of my own post... sorry about that.)