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  1. My splits are: 1 Legs 2 Chest & Triceps 3 Shoulders & Abs 4 Back & Biceps 5 Legs 6 Rotate between the other 3 groups. I will have to check out the restorative yoga video. Thanks for the reply!
  2. I am new to yoga and am trying to find a balance with my workouts. I lift weights 6 days a week and also do cardio 2-3 times. I do 15-20 minutes of yoga a day but want to fit in some longer sessions each week also. How do you incorporate yoga into your fitness regimen or for other types of workouts into your yoga regimen
  3. I would love to! I have been doing about 15 minutes of yoga a day for about a month so I am super new!
  4. Hello! My name is Jen and I am a new yogi. I live in Colorado.