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  1. Thank you Anahata, that's a very interesting video! I haven't had time to read the articles yet but I'll get to them tonight, and give the video another watch too before I do
  2. Thank you yogafire! For the welcome and the tips. My therapist recommended yoga as a whole, nothing specific, he just said it'd help with my overall posture among other things, and help improve the rotation of my neck muscles. I'd been itching to try it for a while and really, the confirmation from him that it'd help was all I needed to go right into it. I tried a couple local classes but none of the teachers I tried were very receptive about my neck injury (their advice was a "just don't do what makes you uncomfortable" but no way to actually help improve or what to do or not do specifically, or even how to help avoid dizziness), and there's not that many around, so I just gave up and decided to try at-home practice (with the downside being I had no one to ask about this, so thank you so much for the help!) I'll try sipping some water, and I'll definitely try using my hand for support! When I lay on the ground I do roll to the side and use my hand to push off the ground in order to get up, but I'll try adding support to my neck- it might help more with getting up. I'll have to try supporting my neck on the way down too. I've just gotten so dizzy in the past that even the slightest hint of it scares the heck out of me now. *sigh* I'll probably have to start by just laying down and relaxing,until I can get up and down with less problems. Like you said, taking it easy. Thanks!
  3. I kept going back and forth between asking this in the newbies board or here, since I am a newbie to yoga (barely a month of 15-20 minutes at most, I'm really out of shape), but I figured I'd post it here... Basically I find myself struggling a bit with yoga because I have cervical lordosis (it's straightened). I've been going to therapy for it, but it's been very slow advancing, and though the therapist himself recommended yoga to me I find some poses still make me woozy/dizzy. I know when stuff hurts or make you uncomfortable you're supposed to stop, but at the same time my therapist said it's expected to feel somewhat woozy in certain postures while I work to recover the normal curvature, so I'm a bit at a loss. Namely, I have troubles with simple things like tilting the head back/forward, laying flat on the ground (this one really makes me feel out of balance for a good moment when I lay, and again when I get up!), and very rarely when straightening from a forward bend (such as by going too fast by accident). I'm wondering if any of you have any advice on how to deal with this: whether it be how I should best ease into (and out of) those poses, where I should best use props, or if there's something I should definitely avoid or definitely do in order to help with this? I'd really appreciate the input.
  4. Hi! I'm new to the forum, and to yoga practice. I'm hoping to build a steady habit to include yoga into my life and improve my health and awareness, and be more connected with my body, something I feel I direly need. Nice to meet you all!