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  1. Thanks for the input Peter and Larry! I appreciate ANY input regarding cueing to help assist male practitioners in finding comfort in any pose. I actually DID have one male student whisper to me during class the other day - apparently the suggested modification for salabasana did not relieve his discomfort - so I thought it would be best to go the the experts. My concern is exactly that: many people, male or female alike, are sometimes hesitant to mention their discomfort when it relates to their organs of reproduction or elimination and I would hate to think that I am missing the boat in assisting them with modifications. I teach mostly beginners and therapeutic yoga (recently rec'd my C-IAYT) so I am likely to have more inexperienced yoga students who could use the guidance.....I had only anticipated possible issues in locust or bow myself, but have heard "through the grapevine" that for some men other (tightly-crossed leg) positions can also be uncomfortable, and there were "hints" that the undergarments they wear might help or hinder them in some asana. Since my populations have been primarily women (or men who might not be agile enough due to health issues, etc to get themselves into those uncomfortable positions) this is fairly new terrain for me.
  2. Hi! I just joined the forum, though I have followed it in the past from time to time, and have a question that I didn't find addressed on my search (forgive me if I missed an earlier post!) I am looking for some suggestions for modifications for asana that might be uncomfortable for men due to their "private bits" getting in the way or bearing some weight (salabasana for example). I have only recently had several men join a mixed group class and am trying to not only provide modification if they bring an issue to my attention, but provide suggestions before they end up in an uncomfortable pose. Believe it or not, that information was NOT provided when I did my YTT, and I have come up with some of my own ideas for avoiding discomfort, but am wondering if there is a resource or if anyone can share (men, please, if you have suggestions don't hesitate to share - tastefully please!). Thanks!